Youtube Dark Theme Not Working

Youtube Dark Theme Not Working: Youtube was launched on February 14, 2005, and every day more than 20 to 30 billion people use this social media platform. Many users of this app want to know about why is Youtube Dark Theme Not Working. So check out this important article and know fixes for Youtube Dark Theme Not Working issue.
Youtube Dark Theme Not Working
Youtube Dark Theme Not Working

Youtube Dark Theme Not Working

We love to listen to music and watch our favorite movies and blogs for entertainment. Nowadays, we can listen to those favorite songs on Youtube, Yahoo, Spotify, and the Gaana Music app. But the Youtube application has become the no 1 music video stream worldwide. Many People love to watch any type of entertainment-based and gaming-related video.

But many Youtube users want to know Youtube Dark Theme Not Working issue. You can check below there is an accurate description of this issue. Also, the Youtube channel announced its new versions and features, so keep in touch with its official Twitter posts and blog channels for further updates.

Youtube Not Keeping Dark Theme

There was recently breaking news about Youtube’s Not Keeping Dark Theme. Many Youtube users tweeted about this problem. It’s happened many times.

There is no problem with your device and application. The developer of this social media app mentioned that maybe some bugs issue is happening. According to the Technical team of Youtube, this is not a major issue. Users have to follow tips that as click your Youtube profile. Click appearance on this app. Select dark theme on the settings on this Youtube app.

How To Fix Youtube Dark Theme Not Working Issue?

1. First, you have to open the web browser on your device and then open the official website of the YouTube app.

2. Then open your profile which is shown in the right corner of this app.

3. Now click settings from the menu of this app.

4. Then click on the General Option of this app.

5. After within this windows menu clicks on the Appearance option.

6. Finally, you can click on the Dark theme toggle option on this app.

Youtube Wiki

YouTube is an American video and social media application. This app is available on both Android devices and computer devices. More than 20 Billion people use this application. This application was launched on February 14, 2005, by App developers Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim. Youtube has become the second most visited search engine.

Many people can learn from many programming languages, history-based videos, geography-based videos, and other literature-based videos. Some cooking and recipe-making videos and blogs are viral on the Youtube channel.

Many podcasts channel and stand-up comedy videos are also available, some instrumental training videos, fitness coaching, make-up tutorials, electronic devices making reviews, automobiles industry establishment reviews, other social media app issues and fixes, funny roasting videos also, live coaching classes, top exams like CAT, GRE, NEET, JEE and UPSC exam preparation videos, MNC company and government job interviews videos. In the end, every county’s music videos is available on Youtube.

Youtube Dark Theme Not Working – FAQs

1.  When was the Youtube channel launched?

The Youtube channel was launched on February 14, 2005.

2.  Who is the owner of this app?

Alphabet Inc. is the owner of this game.

3.  Who is the founder of this app?

Jawed Karim and Steve Chen is the founder of this app.

4. How many users does this app have?

This app has 2.5 billion users.

5.  What is the file size of this app?

This app’s file size is 13.7 MB.