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We are considering US preparations for the resignation of an American diplomat due to Covid efforts and the deportation of immigrants from Haiti.

The United States is taking steps to obtain photos of Covid. to publish
The day after drug authorities approved a third shot of Pfizer’s vaccine for some Americans, a group of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced who had to meet the requirements.

The CDC’s scientific recommendations unanimously approve booster vaccination for adults over 65 years of age and residents of long-term care facilities. He also approved photos for those aged 18 to 64 with basic conditions. At the end of the week, people can start receiving photos.

U.S. regulators on Wednesday approved booster photos for adults and high-risk adults and people in high-risk occupations.

Our global science and health reporter, Apoorwa Mandavili, solves the heated debate.

Why is photo booster necessary for this vulnerable population?

There is little disagreement about whether parents – say, over 80 – should get a booster photo. The evidence is clear: they are at high risk, and their immunity is not good from the start and quickly wears off.

But many experts ask, “What’s the point here?” We don’t want to risk transmission to the elderly, but for everyone, avoiding all infections may not be the right goal because this vaccine will never work.

They say the aim of the vaccine should be to prevent serious illness and hospitalization. And there the data still shows no decline among youth.

What about counter arguments from WHO officials and countries with very low vaccination rates that the US should distribute the money?

In practice, Covax has struggled to keep its promises to vaccine companies and nations. By the end of this year they will reach the target of around 25%. Of course, it is not easy to make a dietary supplement for a rich country and feed a poor country at the same time.

The reality is that billions of people are still illiterate and the number of vaccines is limited. Many public health experts I speak to say that if we continue to give boosters to the rich while the majority of the world’s population is not taking supplements, we run the risk of developing new, more dangerous forms. Maybe compared to Delta.

Here are the latest updates and a map of the pandemic.

Competition for Merkel’s successor is getting tougher
While Germany is preparing for the election of their successor on Sunday, Chancellor Angela Merkel travels across the country and unexpectedly takes part in the election campaign – a sign that her conservatives are still in danger.

For weeks, polls have shown that the SPD is ahead of Merkel’s conservative CDU. But last week the Conservatives narrowed the gap to about three percentage points.

A lot is at stake for German and Merkel’s heritage. Merkel has been in power since 2005 and many young people in the country only know her as their leader.

Note: For many years, the Social Democrats were a forgotten junior partner in government. They are now running one of their strongest campaigns in years, with a clear message on topics ranging from raising the minimum wage to creating affordable housing. Your candidate Olaf Scholz was chosen as the most suitable for Merkel’s successor.

A US diplomat has resigned over Haitian deportations
Daniel Foote, a senior US diplomat who oversees Haitian politics, sent a letter to the State Department describing the Biden government’s “inhumane and unprofitable decision” to send Haitian migrants back to a country hit by a severe earthquake and ravaged by political unrest. heavily criticized. .

Since Sunday some 1,400 Haitian migrants from Mexico and Central America have been deported to the border with Texas, despite Haitian authorities calling on the US to impose a “humanitarian moratorium”.

Foote was appointed Special Envoy to Haiti in July, just weeks after President Gionel Mose was assassinated in his bedroom in a night raid on his residence. In his letter, Foote described a “circle of international political intervention in Haiti” that “consistently leads to disastrous consequences”.

Description: Foote allegedly demanded greater oversight and accountability in his work as envoy to Haiti who was dismissed by a senior State Department official.