Windows 10 Users to Receive PC Health Check App as a Native Update

Microsoft is extending the PC Health Check app to older Windows 10 computers with a control panel that will help you monitor the health of your system and eliminate its performance. The app was originally launched to test whether users can upgrade their computers to Windows 11.

Microsoft downloaded the original app to check the health of the computer, as found in a dispute about system requirements. However, it has recently returned with the necessary fixes to let users know their computer’s eligibility to upgrade to Windows 11.

On the support side, Microsoft announced that it will introduce the PC Health Check app on computers with Windows 10, version 2004 and higher. This app will be available to all Eligible Systems via Windows Update, although users can download it manually from the Windows Update Catalog.

“Checking your computer’s health includes diagnostics to improve device health and troubleshooting to improve performance, all conveniently via the dashboard,” Microsoft says on its support page.

Some of the features introduced for PC Health Check users include battery life compared to the original, as well as the ability to view files and apps and use memory for major Windows devices. This application allows users to manage startup programs and provides tips on how to improve the general condition and performance of your computer.

All of these features come with a “full eligibility check based on minimum system requirements for Windows 11” which lets users know if their system can be upgraded to the latest Windows version. The app also provides details about backing up and syncing user data via Microsoft OneDrive and helps you stay up to date with Windows 10 – if for some reason you’re not switching to Windows 11.

As ZDNet reports, Microsoft announced on its support page that the PC Health Check app automatically installs critical updates for standard apps as they become available. This means that users cannot turn off automatic updates.

While the PC Health Check app will be available to a large number of Windows 10 users via Windows Update, Microsoft has provided a way to manually uninstall the app – if you don’t want to use its features. You can uninstall apps by going to Apps > Apps and Features > Application List (Windows PC Health Check) > Uninstall.

A computer health check was released earlier this year to see if you qualify for Windows 11. Microsoft relaunched the app last month after widespread discontent that in some cases it didn’t meet the exact requirements for Windows 11.

It is important to note that despite the latest update, the PC Health Checkup app is limited to Windows 10 and is not available for systems with older or newer versions of Windows.

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