Who are Ridley Scotts Parents?

Who are Ridley Scott’s Parents: People are searching on google to know the biograph about Ridley Scott and his parents. So check this article to know who are Ridley Scott and along with Ridley Scott’s parent’s details. Most of people know that Ridley Scott is a Filmmaker, Producer, and Director, but we have mentioned his life, a career in complete detail on this page.
Who are Ridley Scotts Parents
Ridley Scotts

Who Are Ridley Scott’s Parents?

As i before mention that, Ridley Scott is a director, and producer, who in born on November 30, 1937. Many people want to know the personal life of their favorite characters, so Ridley Scott’s parents are the most searched topic on the Internet. Here in this article let us see who Ridley Scott’s parents are and many more.

We find out on the internet about his life, so according to reports, Francis Percy Scott and Elizabeth Scott are Ridley Scott’s parents.

Ridley Scott Father

People searching for Ridley Scott’s Father’s name can refer to this article. Ridley Scott’s Father’s name is Francis Percy Scott.

Ridley Scott Mother

Ridley Scott’s mother’s name is Elizabeth Scott. There is not much information about Ridley Scott’s mother. Stay connected to our website for the latest updates.

Ridley Scott Biography

  • Name – Ridley Scott
  • Profession – Filmmaker, Producer, Director
  • Father Name – Francis Percy Scott
  • Mother Name – Elizabeth Scott
  • Nationality – British

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Ridley Scott Parents – FAQ

1. Who are Ridley Scott’s Parents?      

Ridley Scott’s Parents are Francis Percy Scott and Elizabeth Scott.

2. Who is Ridley Scott?  

Ridley Scott is a Filmmaker, Producer, and Director.

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