Where Eric Adams and Curtis Sliwa Stand On Vaccine Mandates

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the New York candidate is opposed to a coronavirus vaccine commitment.

Eric Adams supported Mayor Bill de Blasio’s decision to vaccinate nearly all of the city’s 300,000 officials at least once by November 1, but advised caution. He said De Blasio had not negotiated any policies with unions prior to his announcement.

“We also need to work with unions to get support from our workers to ensure compliance,” Adams said.

In a debate last week when he was coerced, he said he would follow the mayor’s decision to fire police and firefighters who disobeyed orders. “Yes, I carried out the orders that were executed,” he said.

Adams also supports the city’s “Lock to New York” policy, which requires people to be vaccinated at least once to partake in dinners and indoor entertainment. “We were able to significantly increase vaccinations in our city, which made it easier for us to return to normal,” he said in a statement.

Curtis Plum vehemently opposed the vaccination requirement at political rallies but said he had been vaccinated and wanted him to do so if others so wanted.

He participated in a major protest against his tenure on Monday. Thousands of people, including many firefighters, police and paramedics, crossed the Brooklyn Bridge and demonstrated in front of City Hall.

“We cheered them on at 7pm and suddenly decided,” he said in the final debate, “that they would suddenly lose their jobs if they weren’t vaccinated. “Don’t fire someone for this reason,” he added.