Where Are The Older Black Women Guests On Cable News Shows?

One day I looked in the mirror who didn’t care to look at me. Who is this old lady and how do I know? This existential question is asked by adults at an age when women are seen and heard. Unfortunately today we are practically erased from the big world.

I experienced this personally. At some point between the ages of 55 and 60, the man I wanted, who ran a thriving public relations firm in Washington, became invisible. Calls from business customers were delayed and, despite my enthusiastic pressure, the phone finally stopped ringing.

Is the new media tsunami describing me and my old phone way? Or decline OK Boomer Did the meme carve out the legacy of an entire generation to pass down to the rocking chair?

Most older women, especially those with a good professional footprint, suffer from the discriminatory burden of age. But black women like me face three risks: age, gender, and racial inequality. We were ahead of electoral politics, higher education and entrepreneurship, but alienation loomed over us.

Appendix A: Cable news broadcasts during prime time. It features the bleaching and aging of black women by industry giants on CNN, Fox News and MSNBC. For the past 18 months, during the most controversial election season in math and racial history, I’ve been tormented by the lack of women on the program who look like me.

I ask myself: who do I really see when I get fired? Guided by these constant questions, I asked the Berkeley Media Research Group to see who was at the table during prime time.

Our quantitative analysis examines the gender, race, and age of hosts, employees, experts, and guests. We took photos for six weeks from May 24 to June 30, 2021, focusing on nine 24-hour evening shows from 7pm to 10pm. Fast magnification of the black appearance.

Some context: All three cable networks target an older audience with an average age of 55-65 years. CNN and MSNBC also enjoy a small percentage of female viewership, with blacks much higher than the public. 21% on MSNBC and CNN. Ratings lead Fox News, which is known to have more Republican viewers than men, said its audience was 10% black.

None of the six Golden Time cable news programs surveyed hosted women over the age of 55. The only black host of those days was MSNBC’s 52-year-old Joy Reed.

Studies show that black voices are minuscule at these events, but significantly worse for black women, especially older black women.

With 1,862 guests, only 21 black women over 55 were seated at the table during prime time, 1.6% of the total. It was shown 28 times because there were multiple reservations. They are mostly members of the DPR, some journalists, academics, and legal experts.

MSNBC has the highest percentage of adult black women – 4%, followed by Fox News with CNN at 2%, almost 0%. Fox News broadcasts a black guest over the age of 55. During the analysis, there were no older black women at Fox’s Hannity or Tucker Carlson Tonight. However, when presenters, guests, and commentators are combined, people over the age of 55 are more likely to appear on Fox News.

Not surprisingly, the study found that 67% of the program outnumbered non-black men.

Adult black men had a total of 75 manifestations (4%), fewer than 107 manifestations (6%) in older non-black women.

Two notable exceptions come from MSNBC.

Female commentators account for more than half of Rachel Maddow’s shows, with a majority of black women (6%) represented compared to the other eight events surveyed. “The Reid Out,” hosted by Joy Reid, far surpasses the others in Black’s guest bookings. Nearly 43% of Reed’s guests were black at the time of review.

The emergence of local, Latin American, Asian-American, and other white communities was also significantly underestimated during the study.

What does this course offer?
The message behind this study from cable news decision makers: Older black women aren’t the most important to a prime-time lineup.

All of this raises some important questions.

What can you achieve by swapping places on the prime time tables?

Are cable TV subscribers responsible for engaging the viewers they continue to employ?

Is the current shutdown state just by default?

Older black women have extensive experience and examinations across many disciplines and disciplines. A pool of American-like talent will amplify the national discourse the media promises to broadcast.

Removing the invisible veil can attract more viewers and help your business.

Everyone will benefit as Cable Prime Time’s news program develops and everyone invites them to the national debate table.