What is TRP And TRP Full Form

Hello friends, if you watch TV, then you must have always heard that TRP, in today’s post we will know what is TRP? What is TRP? Effects of having? What is TRP Full Form? TRP Full form in Hindi? The full name of TRP TRP means TRP of this week TRP rating of this week trp rating list So let’s start.

What is TRP
TRP Full Form

What is TRP?

The Full Form of TRP is Television Rating Point, it is a kind of tool by which it is found out how popular a channel is and how much television channel is being shown and which channel or which channel is the most popular. If the TRP of a channel is high, it means that people are liking that channel, and the advertising company takes advantage of this TRP.

Advertisers come to know from TRP that in which show it will be beneficial to advertise so that people watch it as much as possible. News about 80% of its income (earnings) comes from advertisement, so you can understand from this that TRP plays an important role for the channel. Plays it

And every TV channel watches the same show so that people like it more and more and their TRP is bigger. Because if their trp will increase, the more advertisements they will have and the more advertisements they will have, the more they will earn.

So we have come to know that what is TRP, let us know who tells who is extracting this TRP.

What is TRP full form?

The full form of TRP is “Television Rating Point”, whose full name in Hindi is Television Rating Point.

TRP Meaning In Hindi

TRP Meaning In Hindi SIP means Television Rating Point in Hindi.

Who extracts TRP?

Let’s know who gets TRP before 2015 there was some other method after 2015 BARC is the only company left from which TRP is extracted whose full form is Broadcast Research Council India. It is a TV rating agency.

Take a different feel of each TV channel in the field of news, entertainment, sports, how much trp is there, it declares its result weakly on its website.

How to get TRP?

As you have now come to know that TRP is taken out by BARC, what is BARC, there is a company Hansa Research which does this work through its Barkaro. By the way, there is no special measurement tool to measure TRP.

What BARC does is that it installs a kind of meter in the TBOs of some selected people’s houses, now it is used to measure which TV channel the people in that house are watching more or for how long they are watching that TV channel.

All this analyzes means for how long the people of this house are watching this channel and for how long they will watch it. It takes all these measurements and BARC makes these data available on its website.

The essence of all these emerges that TRP is calculated on the basis of which channel people are watching and for how long.

Effects of TRP work or excess?

Everyone knows that the main income of all TV channels or TV serials is from advertisements, apart from this, there are many other income sources, but the maximum income is from advertisements.

And the TV channels whose trp will be high, people will like and watch that TV channel more. And the principle of the advertiser is that more and more people should see our ad.

Now the channel whose TRP is high, that channel will be seen by more people and if the advertiser wants the same, then the channel whose TRP is high, the advertiser will choose that channel. Because more people will see the advertiser’s advertisement than that. And the channel whose TRP will work will get as many advertisers as possible.

And the channel whose TRP is high, that channel’s earnings will also be high because the channel whose trp is high, that TV channel’s advertisement fee will be high.

How to see TRP rating for this week?

To see TRP, you can go to the official website of BARC, in which you have been given a TRP rating of every week, if you want to go to BRC’s website, then click on BARC.

If the information given by me is TRP Full Form In Hindi TRP kya hai? If you like it, then share it with your friends as well as if you have any doubts, then comment below, then let’s meet in the next post, thanks.

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