What is Metaverse? Why was Facebook renamed to Meta?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced the renaming of his company Facebook to Meta. The reason behind this is the Metaverse Concept. After this announcement, people are doing a lot of searching about Metaverse on the Internet. People want to know what is this Metaverse? How does it work and why is it so important?

What is Metaverse
What is Metaverse

Not long ago, the Metaverse was just a fantasy that represented the blending of the world with virtual reality. But now Facebook has decided to turn this virtual world into reality.

In the coming times, we will feel the spectacular results of the Metaverse, which will completely change the world of the Internet.

Now the question must be arising in your mind that what is this Metaverse in Hindi ? Why are social networking companies so serious about this? Therefore, in today’s article, I will share with you the complete information about Metaverse, after reading which you will get answers to all the questions related to it. So let’s go ahead and know what is Metaverse? About this.

What is Metaverse? – What is Metaverse in Hindi

Metaverse is a concept in which both augmented reality and virtual reality work together. It looks like a 3D world in a way.

Augmented Reality – is a technology through which a digital world is created which looks exactly like the environment around us. It looks absolutely real. This technology is mostly used in the fields of digital gaming, military training, engineering design, education and medicine. The best example of this is the Pokemon Go game .

Virtual Reality – Virtual reality is a technology where a virtual world is created. In this technique, a visual and voice are used. For this, a separate headset is made in which a special type of camera is installed, such as VR Headset . This technology is used to provide professional training along with gaming, such as pilot, doctor and hospitality sector etc.

Metaverse is a virtual environment that we can access through the Internet. Currently, this type of environment is seen only in video games, in which the user has a character that can move and interact with other players. In the same way, we will be able to feel the real world through metaverse. Some people also consider metaverse as the next stage of internet development.

Many types of science movies and books have been made on Metaverse, in which Virtual World Environment has been told. Till now we were doing online interaction only through social media or messaging platforms. But after the arrival of metaverse, we will be able to interact with people just like in the real world. 

For this a new online space will be created which will be like a virtual world . In this space, we can interact with our relatives and friends, go for a walk with them and also do shopping. Along with this, we can buy car, bike or house in metaverse and can also use them like real life.

What does metaverse mean? – Meaning of Metaverse in Hindi

After knowing what is Metaverse, now let’s talk about what Metaverse means.

Metaverse is a word made up of two words: Meta + Verse . Meta means ‘ Beyond ‘ and Verse is derived from the word universe which means ‘ Universe ‘. Thus Metaverse means ‘ Beyond Universe ‘ . This word shows how the Internet and its related things will become in the coming times.

Why is the Metaverse important?

After the arrival of Corona, there were many changes in our life. Out of these changes, the biggest change was work from home. People started working from home, after which the demand for interaction like the real world started increasing. To meet this demand, companies started moving towards Metaverse. Since Corona, we are doing most of the work and talking to each other sitting at home. It would not be wrong if VR and AR are called a small form of Metaverse.

Why was Facebook named ‘Meta’?

The name of the Facebook company has now become ‘Meta’, which was announced by Mark Zuckerberg himself on October 28, 2021. Actually Mark wants his company not to be seen only as a social media company. They want to go beyond this and do something different which is possible only with metaverse. 

According to Mark Zuckerberg, the Metaverse is the future of the Internet. That’s why his company is now preparing for the Metaverse. For this, the company will hire 10 thousand people in the coming time, who will help the company in making metaverse. However, the names of the company’s apps will remain the same as before such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.

Challenges of Metaverse – Challenges of Metaverse

According to experts, the construction of Metaverse will be quite challenging. We do not currently have the kind of infrastructure needed for the Metaverse. The internet currently in use is limited to one design. Taking the Metaverse forward will require a much better Internet than the traditional Internet.

Internet speed has to be improved. At present, only 4G is available as a fast network in the world, which can run only small multiplayer apps properly. But apps based on metaverse, where hundreds of people will be online simultaneously, are extremely difficult to handle. Right now work on 5G is going on all over the world, while 6G will also be needed to take the metaverse forward.

Along with this, establishing an agreement between the company and the users regarding data security will also be a very difficult task. New rules will be needed to prevent objectionable content and control communication.

When and where did the word Metaverse originate?

The term metaverse was first used by author Neal Stephenson in his novel ‘Snow Crash’ (Snow Crush) published in 1992 . Where it refers to a 3D world inhabited by avatars of real people.


I hope you like this article of mine “ What is Metaverse? , Why was Facebook renamed to Meta? Must have liked it. I have tried my best to explain every information related to Metaverse in Hindi in simple words so that you do not need to go to any other website regarding this topic.

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