What is Metaverse? How will this change our world?

If you have seen movies like The Matrix, Inception and Avtar! So you would know that a fictional world is shown in these movies, which is connected to our real world. And in this imaginary world you can do everything that you do in the real world. But what if we actually create such a world?

What is Metaverse

And be able to do all the things in it that they do in the real world? Basically, the Metaverse is one such world, which is completely fictional. But the question is what is the Metaverse? What is Metaverse? And how does it work? Let us understand in detail.


In the year 2021, Facebook took a big decision and changed the name of its parent company from Facebook Inc to Meta Platforms Inc. And said to focus on building the Metaverse. After this news, people got very excited about Metaverse. Because there has already been so much talk about the Metaverse that people are quite eager to experience it.

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Basically Metaverse is a 3 Dimensional Virtual World , which makes you feel the reality even though it is not real. In this Science Fiction World, you can do all the things you do in real life, from business meetings, buying properties and gossiping with friends to traveling the world. But the question is how? What is this Metaverse after all? And how does it work? Let us know in detail. Meta Meaning In Hindi :-

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is made up of two words, Meta and Verse . Here Meta is a Greek word, which means beyond. And Verse means Universe. Thus Metaverse means a world that is beyond imagination, that is, Beyond The Imagination ; Be beyond imagination

Simply put, Metaverse is a Hypothetical Concept , which talks about a 3D Virtual World. This is a world that you can see and feel through VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) headsets. Although it is not a real world, but still gives an experience of reality.

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For example, if you’ve played 3D games , you’ll know that wearing a Virtual Reality Headset makes you feel as if you’ve entered the environment of the game yourself. And be a part of that. But actually you are sitting in your chair. Similarly, the Metaverse is also a virtual world, which you can experience with the help of AR and VR.

In this virtual world you can create your own Avtar . And they can do all the things that they do in real life. Such as hanging out with friends, talking, playing games, shopping online etc. But the experience in the Metaverse will be completely different. How? Come on, let’s know.

World of Metaverse

Usually when you buy something online, you go to an online store. And place the order. For this, you use a 2D App or Website, where there is a photo and description of the products. But the world of the Metaverse is completely different. Here you get a 3D Space . In which the online store looks like a building or mall. And you can go inside it and buy your favorite product. Just like you buy in the real world.

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Basically, the Metaverse is a Decentralized Virtual World . In which trading takes place with the help of NFTs and Cryptocurrencies. Decentralization is the same concept on which Blockchain Technology and Web 3.0 are based. That is why the Metaverse is also being linked to Web 3.0.

Although the metaverse has not yet developed enough that we can live completely in the virtual world . But there are many platforms where you can experience the virtual world. Such as Decentraland, Metahero, Cryptovoxels, Sandbox , Bloktopia etc. You can create your Virtual World on these Platforms. And with the help of Cryptocurrency , you can buy / sell Land, Assets and Property.

History of the Metaverse

In 1992, Neal Stephenson ‘s novel came out which was named Snow Crash . It was a sci-fi novel in which the word “Metaverse” was used for the first time. The term was used for a universe that was completely fictional. But in this people could do all the things that they used to do in the real world.

According to this novel, the Metaverse was a world that could not be imagined. That is, it was a world beyond imagination (Beyond The Imagination). And that’s what the Metaverse means as well. That is, Meta means Beyond and Verse means Universe . That is, a universe that is beyond imagination (Beyond The Imagination).

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Although the Metaverse described in Snow Crash was purely fictional. And it had nothing to do with reality. But now it appears to be true. Because the concept of Web 3 has increased its potential a lot. However, we are still in the early stages of the Metaverse. But seeing the pace at which the work is going on, it seems that in the coming few years a big part of the metaverse will be ready.

However, right now we have only a few 3D Virtual Platforms available like Decntraland , Metahero and Sandbox . But gradually their number is increasing. And companies like Facebook, Microsoft and Apple are continuously working on it.

How will the Metaverse work?

The Metaverse will be a Computer Generated 3D World , which you will be able to explore with the help of a Virtual Avtar. And through this avatar you will be able to interact with people. But for this you will need VR Headset or Smart Glasses. To touch and feel other things, you will have to use a Motion Tracking Device . And all this will be possible with the help of some advanced technologies. Such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Blockchain Technology etc.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality is the main technology used in the Metaverse. Its job is to make the virtual world feel like the real world. That is, to experience virtual reality with the help of VR Headset and Special Glasses . Usually this technique is used for gaming. But now it will also be used in tasks like Virtual Meetings, Online Shopping, Teaching, Training and Medical Consultancy.

Augmented Reality ( AR)

Augmented Reality is a technology with the help of which Virtual World can be connected to Real World. With the help of this technology, you can experience the real world even in the virtual world.


Just as money is needed to run our real life economy. Similarly , money will also be needed to run the economy of the metaverse . But NFTs will be used for this. That is, NFTs will be used for trading and transactions of goods/services. And when you buy something in Virtual World, you will have to pay through it.

What you can do in Metaverse

Knowing about the exciting world of the Metaverse, this question must have arisen in your mind! After all, what can we do in the Metaverse? So let’s know what you and I can do in Metaverse:-

can buy property

Just like we buy and sell plots in our real life. In the same way we can also buy Virtual Plot (land) for ourselves in Metaverse. The only difference is that we will buy this Virtual Plot in the form of NFTs and for this we will not have to go anywhere.

Create your own Avtar

Since the Metaverse is a virtual world . That is why we cannot go physically in this. Can only go virtually. And for this you have to create an Avtar (Virtual Character that looks like you). And through that all the work has to be done. However, you will decide for yourself how your Avtar will look? And how to design it?

Can do Virtual Meeting

During Kovid-19, we worked from home for a long time. And completely dependent on Virtual Meetings and Online Classes. But even after that the process of Virtual Meetings did not stop. It still continues unabated. And all the big companies of the world are doing virtual meetings. Such as Apple, Microsoft, IBM et cetera.

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Similarly in Metaverse also we can do Virtual Meetings. The only difference is that here we will be meeting with our respective avatars. And we will feel as if we are sitting face to face. We will even be able to interact with each other, as we do in the real world.

How to make money from Metaverse?

By the way, the Metaverse is still in its early stages. But there are many such Metaverse projects in which people are investing. And earning good money. You too can earn money by investing in these projects. But how? How to invest in Metaverse? How to invest in metaverse? Come on, let’s know.


In Metaverse you can buy Virtual Land . And you can earn good money by selling it or giving it on rent. Decentraland and Sandbox are similar projects where you can create your own virtual world. And you can buy a variety of Digital Assets and Plots in the form of NFTs. Mana Cryptocurrency is used to buy plots in Decntraland . Whereas a Cryptocurrency Token called Sand is used  in the Sandbox .

Metaverse Tokens

If you wish, you can buy Crypto Tokens to be used on the Metaverse Platforms. Such as Mana of Decentrand , Sand of Sandbox , Axs of Axie Infinity etc. The advantage of buying tokens is that as their popularity increases, so will their value. And it will benefit you a lot.

Examples of Metaverse

Many Metaverse Projects are being built at this time. And companies like Facebook and NVIDIA are also working fast on their Metaverse projects. But there are also many such projects, which have been completed. And slowly becoming popular. Let us see some examples. Examples of Metaverse:-


Decentraland is a popular Metaverse project where you can create your own 3D Virtual World. And experience the virtual world of Metaverse. It is an Ethereum-based platform which has its own Crypto Token. The name of this token is Mana. And through this all the transactions are done.

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You can buy your Virtual Plot on this platform. And you can use it to your advantage. That is, you can rent your plot! You can advertise on it, and sell.


This is the biggest Metaverse Project at the moment, which is a Metaverse Game . But here you can also buy and sell Virtual Land. Like Decentraland, Sandbox also has its own token, named SAND . With the help of SAND, you can buy the Assets present in this game as NFT. And you can also sell if needed, as you do in the real world.

Facebook’s Horizon Worlds

Recently Facebook launched its first metaverse project Horizon Worlds in the US and Canada. Facebook launched  this project in collaboration with Oculus . In which people will be able to create a Virtual World of their own with the help of Oculus VR Headsets .