What is Hodling in Cryptocurrencies?

Here, if we talk about the cryptocurrency market, it is a place where there are two types of people who make a profit with different methods: one of which is those who during the volatility and volatility in the market. Take advantage, and also perform various tasks through them, which generate profit. In this article, we will do a complete analysis of HODLERS. Check out Bitcoin Loophole, the most popular trading bot on the market, used by millions of investors.

What is Hodling in Cryptocurrencies

HODL is a term that is used very frequently among cryptocurrency investors and users, mainly bitcoin. In addition, it is also able to refer to the firm decision to retain and acquire an asset over time. Typically, this decision is seen as an investment philosophy in bitcoin, allowing users to rapidly multiply their assets in the future.

How did HODLing start?

The word HODL is usually written instead of HOLD. In addition, in Spanish, it has been translated, in which to keep the meaning. When the bitcoin price saw a major drop around the year 2013, a thread was written by a bitcointalk user, GameQUB, that began with the following expression: “I AM HODLING”. He referred to the fact, in a thread, that even if the price of bitcoin continues to fall, we will not sell our bitcoins and keep them. Furthermore, in his message, he explained the reason for his decision to the community and also admitted that a typographical error had been made by him.

Holding or trading

Most of the investors in the crypto market have attributed their success and gains to the movements and operations in the year 2017. While others have attributed this to cryptocurrency hoarding. In that year, there was an incredible increase in bitcoin, with a per unit close to $20.000 USD. And it was during that time that fame emerged in investment strategies that were perfect for each: those involving holding and trading. Hodling, which has been seen as a long-term action to protect cryptocurrencies. And on the other hand, when it comes to trading, is based on active continuous buying and selling operations in the market, besides it aims at profiting from the above operations.

However, when it comes to the objective of both these strategies, both are capable of generating profits, each of which has its implications. For example, hodling, can be implemented by any user as it is the basic form of buying cryptocurrencies and holding them securely for a long period. It implies having complete knowledge of the market at the time when trading is done, continuously operating to buy low and sell high. And at the same time, it is also important to have more capacity for strategies and analysis.

Because if one misinterpreted or failed trade signals while trading it can mean in the form of big losses. However, users that are done by hodling are also not considered inactive or inactive. Before acquiring a property, the holding should thoroughly examine it. What are your goals, projects and objectives; Which is the task force behind the development of that project? Apart from this, what solutions it can provide in the future and many other factors can determine whether investing in it will be profitable or not. However, holding can turn out to be a very simple and sober strategy if compared to holding trades, as it is a place that does not take a large amount of time.

 Bottom line

HODLing can also be a strategy that proves to be a better asset for the asset as well as provides returns for years, potentially decades. If you use this buy-and-hold long-term strategy, it can keep your emotions in check as well as help you stay focused on the long term, helping you make a smart investment decision.