Conger: A man named “Van Bessie” denied helping cosmetic entrepreneur Mohamed Sajad Kamaruz Zaman, better known as Nur, who fled to a neighboring country via Padang Besar.

Lawyer Zuhair Ahmed Zakuan, who represents the 51-year-old man, claimed that his client was just a farmer and was not involved in any illegal activities.

“My customer recently had heart surgery and is a rancher. He is known as ‘Van Bessi’ among the locals.”

A local Malay-language newspaper accused Van Besi of being a traitor for helping a cosmetics businessman escape to Thailand.

Zuhair described the allegations as serious and baseless and his client has no criminal record.

“My client’s purpose in coming here is to clear his name and clear his name, and I will discuss with Van Bessie if he wants to file a police report afterwards,” he said.

Meanwhile, DSP Mohammad Anwar Juno, deputy police chief of Kangar District, said in a contact that Perlis police did not issue an arrest warrant or an arrest warrant for the person because the Mohamed Sajad case is being handled by Bukit Aman. Has.

Barnama previously reported that the Royal Malaysian Police had applied for an order from Thai authorities to extradite Mohamed Sajad.

Mohammed Sajad is wanted after authorities issued an arrest warrant from Syria’s Supreme Court Shah Alam for failing to attend trial for attracting a woman.

The police are also required to participate in the Ampang Jaya court case in the event of a fraud involving MyKad data.