US shows signs of slight deterioration in trade ties with China

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang said: “In the context of global protests against the Cold War and partition, the United States has publicly violated its political declaration that it is not seeking a new Cold War and Anglo-Saxon faction. Combined to make. “September 28 in response to the Australian submarine deal.

The release of Huawei boss Meng Wangzhou from the United States, who was detained in Canada at the request of the United States, and the release of two Canadians and two Americans from China did not defuse the situation.

Trump’s tariffs have prevented imports of some Chinese goods, but exports to the United States have risen sharply due to the coronavirus pandemic as Americans buy sports equipment, furniture, toys and other products during the blockade.

Chinese leaders have also doubled down on the kind of domestic industrial subsidies the United States has long opposed. They have significantly expanded a program started more than a decade ago to eliminate purchases of computer chips and passenger planes – among other industrial products, the main US exports to China. give

The Biden government is looking at ways to convince China to limit large-scale industrial subsidies, but that will be difficult. The administrations of George W. Bush, Obama and Trump have tried with little success to convince local producers to give up their old subsidies to free China from import dependence. .

Chinese leader Xi Jinping has called for ensuring that other countries depend on China for essential goods without stopping their sales to China. The United States has done so on issues such as surveillance in Hong Kong, forced labor and the repression of defenders of democracy.

“Reliance on our country’s international industrial chain is an effective deterrent and deterrent for foreign countries from artificially reducing shipments,” Xi said in a speech last year.