US Appeals Court Lets Texas Temporarily Resume Abortion Law NBC 5 Dallas Fort Worth

On Friday evening, a federal appeals court said Texas was temporarily extending most of its abortion bans just for one day after clinics in Texas began serving patients for the first time since early September. Allowed to do.

Texas abortion donors, despite re-opening the door and helping the 5th US Court of Appeals to act swiftly, during a brief reprieve from the law known as Senate Bill 8, which prohibits post-cardiac abortion, despite reopening the door. Usually about 6 weeks.

On Wednesday, US District Court Judge Robert Pitman, who appointed President Barack Obama, issued an order suspending the Texas law, which he called “aggressive deprivation” of constitutional abortion rights. .. This was in response to a lawsuit filed by the Biden administration warning that other Republican-controlled states could quickly take similar action.

The New Orleans appeals court immediately granted Texas a motion to overturn Pittman’s order. I have instructed the Justice Department to respond by Tuesday.

There were about 20 abortion clinics in Texas before the law went into effect Sept. 1, and not all abortion providers in Texas continued detention. Many doctors fear a swift withdrawal from the courts of appeals at the risk of endangering them legally.

The new law threatens Texas abortion providers in civil proceedings, who, if successful, are entitled to collect at least $10,000 in damages. This new approach is the reason why the courts did not block the law before the Pittman decision, given that the state had no role in enforcing the restrictions.

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