Uber To Allow Users To Book Rides Via Whatsapp

Travel service company Uber Technologies announced on Thursday the launch of a feature that will allow Indian users to book rides via the messaging service WhatsApp.

The move could help Uber tap into WhatsApp MetaPlatforms’ user base of more than Rs.5 billion in India.

“Starting this week, we are launching a new service that will allow you to book your Uber rides through the official UberWhatsApp chatbot,” Uber said.

Uber has been active in the country for eight years and is currently available in 70 cities.

“Drivers no longer need to download or use the Uber app. User registration, boarding reservations, trip receipts, etc. are managed in the WhatsApp chat interface,” Uber added. ..

WhatsApp users can book a ride by sending a message to an Uber business account number, scanning a barcode, or clicking directly on a link to open an Uber WhatsApp chat.

Drivers can get the same safety features and insurance coverage as anyone who books a ride directly through the Uber app, the company said. The WhatsApp chat stream will notify users of security alerts, including how to contact Uber in an emergency.

This functionality will initially start in Lucknow and will be expanded elsewhere in the next year.

Uber said the service will be available in English and will also be in Indian in the near future, he added.