UAE On Course To Scale Up Manufacturing With An Emphasis On 4IR

Most visitors to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will find that the country prefers to channel its oil reserves to upgrade its infrastructure, industrial and real estate markets. Visiting a country gives you a clear feeling that in every project there is always a desire to grow both figuratively and physically.

The first records have been made, from the world’s tallest buildings to unmanned public transport in routine use. And in a post-COVID world, the UAE appears to be aiming to promote its own version of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or “4IR”.

At the 2021 Global Industrialization Summit (GMIS), taking place behind the Dubai exhibition from November 22-27, much of the discussion at Emirates focused on artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, big data and machine learning. Focus on strategic investment. Alternative energy sources to improve UAE manufacturing skills and how to use them appropriately.

Therefore, the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Industry for Modern Technology sees its mission “Advanced Technology” becoming increasingly recognized. Sultan Ahmed al-Javert, executive director and chairman of the board of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and the country’s own climate change agency, appears to be in control.

Al Jaber explained that to improve supply chain sustainability after COVID, it is necessary to manage production sustainability and invest in 4IR. “The two are linked, and in the UAE we do both by prioritizing the sectors with the highest added value while rapidly adopting and implementing new technologies in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. ..

“Indeed, it is my ministry’s mission to help diversify our economy, achieve sustainable growth and ensure industrial competitiveness. In the end, our destination is the United Arab Emirates. More than double the contribution of the industrial sector to GDP in 10 years.

The UAE government’s target sectors for value added include a renewed focus on energy, chemicals, plastics, metals, heavy industry, healthcare, electrical equipment and agricultural technology, biotechnology, advanced manufacturing and aerospace. Will. Therefore, according to CEO Khaldoon Al Mubarak, it is no wonder that Mubardara, a sovereign state investment company, is passionate about supporting modern manufacturing and AI.

“Advanced technology plays a key role in recovery from COVID. Machine learning found its way into the pharmaceutical industry, for example, and saved countless lives. As demand recovers, 4IR puts pressure on the supply chain. We invest heavily in AI and machine learning. Ultimately, our goal is to rotate and expand 4IR. “