Trump Super PAC Fires Corey Lewandowski After Sexual Harassment Claim

Donald Trump’s longtime political adviser, Corey Lewandowski, was released from his role as super-PAC in support of the former president on Wednesday after a donor accused him of having unwanted sex and one night in Las Vegas on Sunday. He was accused of touching her inappropriately while eating. Evening.

“Corey Lewandowski will move on to other endeavors and we would like to thank him very much for his services. He is no longer associated with Trump World,” said Taylor Budovic, a Trump spokesman. About Florida, said Mr. Budovic. Pam Bondi, a former attorney general and Trump adviser who worked with Mr. Lewandowski at Super PAC, Make America Great Again in Action, will now oversee the effort.

It remains to be seen whether Lewandowski is finally removed from Trump’s orbit. After initially serving as Trump’s campaign manager, he was fired in June 2016 following conflicts with Trump’s children and several incidents that worried the Trump family and put the candidate in a negative light. . But a month later, Trump called Lewandowski again, and he was right back.

Trump aides insist that the recent incident was different, especially given that it involved a former president’s donor. The donor, Trachelle Odom, made the remarks about Lewandowski in a statement first published Wednesday by Politico, which was later made available to the New York Times.

“He has repeatedly touched me inappropriately, said obscene and hateful things, followed me, and felt humiliated and intimidated,” he said in a statement over the dinner. “I came forward because he had to take responsibility.”

Ms. Odom was among a small group of people who dined at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino, part of an event hosted by the Victoria Voices Foundation that focuses on the fight against drug addiction. Ms. Odom sat next to Mr. Lewandowski, who in his statement “bragged how strong he is at times” and “stated that he controlled the former president”.

According to the lawyer for the Odom family, who declined to be named, Mr. Lewandowski repeatedly touched Ms. Odom, getting aggressive all over the place, and tossed him when he explained that he blamed them, Drink, after. Odom said in a statement that he was concerned for his safety.

Her husband, John Odom, an Idaho businessman, said in a statement that the family was considering legal options. Mr and Mrs Odom will not speak directly to reporters about the allegations and they have not filed a complaint with the Las Vegas Police Department.

Mr Lewandowski did not comment on the allegations, and his Las Vegas-based lawyer David Jade Chesnoff only said that “the allegations and rumors change within minutes and we will not honor him with another response”.

A man who attended the dinner who declined to be named for fear of reprisals told the Times that Ms. Odom is right.

Also at the dinner in Las Vegas was South Dakota’s Governor Kristi Noem, whom Mr. Lewandowski has been advising for several months. Ms Noem’s aides have yet to comment on whether Mr Lewandowski will continue to be her adviser.

Mr Lewandowski has often been at the center of controversy. In March 2016, he was accused by Michelle Fields, at the time a reporter for the right-wing website Breitbart, of forcibly turning her away from the candidate after a news conference in Florida. Despite the video of the incident, Mr Lewandowski denied that anything inappropriate had happened, and Mr Trump aggressively defended him and denounced the news media’s coverage of Ms Fields’ allegations.

And in November 2017, a Trump supporter and singer named Joy Villa filed a complaint that Mr Lewandowski slapped her on the buttocks during a party at the Trump International Hotel in Washington. It is not clear what happened to that complaint.

Mr Lewandowski was tapped by Mr Trump to help set up the Super PAC, which can raise large amounts of money from wealthy donors. Yet for months after Trump left office, several of his advisers have complained privately that Lewandowski’s relationship with the Super PAC and Mr Trump’s political circle has helped him along with his other clients, including Noam. .

With Mr Trump out of office, most of his advisers now have clients outside of their immediate world. But Mr Lewandowski’s efforts have come under intense scrutiny by other Trump aides.

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