Trump Interviewed for 4 Hours in Protesters Lawsuit

Former President Donald J. Trump testified under oath for four and a half hours this week in connection with a case brought by a group of protesters who accused his bodyguards of assaulting them in 2015. I did this.

According to one of the plaintiffs’ attorneys, Benjamin N. Ansager, the cross-examination took place Monday in a boardroom on the 25th floor of Trump Tower in Manhattan.

Mr Ansager said the former president had been asked about his relationships with other defendants, including his personal bodyguard Keith Schiller, and about Matthew Kalamari, a witness in the case. Mr Kalamari is the executive director of the Trump Organization, and attorneys at the Manhattan Attorney’s Office have been considering whether to prosecute them as part of the ongoing investigation into Mr Trump and his family business.

“I think the fact that Donald J. Trump sat down yesterday to testify. It’s only important because he’s the first to go through a lawsuit since the former president took office,” the spokesperson said. On the phone.

In a statement released Monday, Trump called the trial “baseless” and the plaintiffs said they had “no responsibility other than themselves”. But he added, “I am delighted to have the opportunity to tell this ridiculous story of my country.”

Labor attorney Dictor also represents the New York News Guild, a union that represents employees of various news agencies, including the New York Times.

Other topics that may emerge from the filing may also be of interest to investigators and the public, including discussion of the former president’s assets as plaintiffs seek damages. There’s sex.

It is not clear whether the former president’s testimony will be made public. Trump’s lawyers can request that it be sealed.

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Protesters’ procedures have a long life. The five plaintiffs, who were filed shortly after the Trump Tower demonstrations in 2015 and were alarmed by Trump’s comments about the Mexican campaign, put up a sign saying “America racially discriminates”. He appears at Trump Tower.

Two of them decided to wear similar suits to the Ku Klux Klan after seeing white supremacist David Duke speak out in support of Trump’s policies.

Plaintiff alleges that another employee Mr Schiller and Mr Trump took their autographs, beat one of them and easily suffocated. Schiller said the demonstrators were the first to attack him.

Trump’s lawyers tried to stop the trial. When this fails, they try in vain to claim that the candidate cannot be held responsible for the actions of his employees. The judge dismissed the discussion that led to Trump’s question this week, more than six years after the demonstrations.

Lawyers representing Trump in the trial did not immediately respond to requests for comment.