Tony Awards What to Expect and How to Watch Tonight

The awards ceremony recognized dramas and musicals that began between April 26, 2019 and February 19, 2020, when the pandemic period was shortened. Nomination.

The most-nominated show is the musical “Jugged Little Pill” at 15, “Moulin Rouge! Musical with 14 songs, Tina Turner Musical with 12 songs and Slave Play with 12 songs, the most nominated in Tony history. This is work.

The ceremony originally planned for June 2020 has been repeatedly postponed and reviewed. The nominations, chosen from 41 theater professionals who have seen all shows, were announced last October, with 778 producers, performers and other industry players voting electronically in March. Ricefield. The vote was led by Deloitte & Touche LLP but has been classified since then.

There are some unusual aspects to Tony’s race this season.

All candidates with the highest scores are theater. Three of the four musicals discovered before the pandemic were jukebox musicals, so there were no original scores, and a fourth was banned by recommenders.

There is only one candidate in one of the best musical actors, Aaron Twate of Moulin Rouge. He wins if he gets a positive vote of 60% of the people who voted in the race.

The starry sky concert dominated the cool part of the night.
Two Tony-winning organizations, the Broadway League and the American Theater Wing, decided in discussions with CBS that most TV nights were mostly concerts.

Its purpose is to highlight Broadway talent and remind viewers of live theatrical entertainment. When theaters in New York (and around the world) try to rebuild their audiences, they expect some to buy tickets to the show.