The Telegram payment server will use Ton Coin token

Pavel Durov, CEO and co-founder of the social network Telegram, appreciated the technology network TON, which was acquired after its launch in 2020. Durov is very interested in this new technology, which can move forward significantly, and the CEO also believes that blockchain is way ahead of its time. .

The cryptocurrency market is evolving every day, introducing various technologies that aim to change everything that is known. Competition is fierce, but Telegram can lead against other brands with its new technology.

Over the years, especially in 2020, the Telegram project has grown for the benefit of the crypto market and social networks. However, this blockchain network has shifted from TON to the Telegram Open Network to the TonCoin network which is much more focused on cryptography. Another difference that TonCoin shares from TON is that it is dedicated to social networking.

Durov, who heads the social network and crypto project, said he wished luck on the new network and wished every success to those who stick to the old TON protocol. This comment comes after the Donate payment server announced that it uses the TonCoin cryptocurrency as a means of payment.

In the early hours of December 23, TON agents announced that they were planning to partner with the Donate server, announcing that people would now be donating money using TonCoin. The protocol agency said revenue would be deducted from the native cryptocurrency. Rumors about this potential company have surfaced since last Monday and are being investigated today.

What is the TON protocol?
TON, the emerging protocol of the social network Telegram, consists of a blockchain developed by Pavel and Nikolai Durov for 2017. However, it didn’t take until 2020 to put it into operation. The Durov brothers have a vexing legal battle with the SEC and other cryptocurrency regulators. It was not until 2021 that crypto projects were revived thanks to the enthusiasm of the two leaders.

According to reports, about 160,000 people are behind the TON project. While TonCoin has around 50,000 active customers. Cryptocurrencies are increasing as the report progresses.

Crypto trading platform CoinMarketCap shows that TonCoin Crypto is trading at $3.45, up 45.20% over the last 24 hours. This crypto has a market cap of over $17 billion and a trading volume of up to $26 million.