The Murder of Laquan McDonald Looms over Rahm Emanuel Confirmation

Former Chicago Mayor Ram Emmanuel, the presidential nominee for President Biden in Japan, faces a Senate hearing on Wednesday. -To the top.

Emmanuel, a rogue and enthusiastic former Democrat from Illinois who was President Barack Obama’s first chief of staff, is a running mate for Republicans, including Senators Susan Collins in Maine and Lindsey Graham in South Carolina. This is evidenced by the support of the members. Carolina.

However, he did attend a hearing on the work of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee on the McDonald’s case, in particular the delay in releasing police material showing that police officer Jason van Dyke killed Mr. McDonald’s on October 20, 2014. You can ask questions.

The city released the camera from the dashboard more than a year after the judge stepped in. The footage shows a teenage boy shooting 16 times with a gun as he walks away from a police officer.

The city agreed to pay his family $5 million in severance pay, and Mr Vandik was eventually convicted of a second murder.

Emmanuel, 61, who has defended himself repeatedly, said he had not seen the footage until it was released, arguing that the incident, including the use of body and de cameras, led to long-term reforms in the department. Meeting. – escalation policy.

However, this episode may have played a role in his decision not to run for a third term, which seriously damaged his political standing in Chicago, the third largest city in the United States.

Several prominent progressives, including Congressmen Alexandria Ocasio Cortes of New York, Mondea Jones of New York and Corey Bush of Missouri, said his eight-year record of racial and political ties as mayor prompted Senate Democrats to reject the nomination. ..

“Ram Emmanuel hid the murder of Laquan MacDonald. Bush wrote on Twitter when his candidacy was announced in August, “He should be disqualified from retaining his assigned position in any government.”

On Wednesday, inseparable representatives from Chicago, a liberal group that opposes the Trump administration, demonstrated and called for Emmanuel to reject it.

Emmanuel, who helped crack down on health insurance and financial reforms during his tenure at Westwing, spoke to senators last week and the meeting was mostly about trade and safety, officials said. He’s focused.

The former mayor who led the Democratic Party to regain the House of Representatives in 2006 was led by two Illinois senators, Richard J. Durbin and Tammy Duckworth.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki, who worked closely with Emmanuel during the Obama era, did not say whether Biden discussed the McDonald’s case with him when he was pressed by reporters on Tuesday.

“I knew his record years before he was nominated,” said Mr. Pusaki.

The Commission will also consider appointing veteran diplomats Nicholas Burns as China’s Ambassador to Biden and Jonathan Eric Kaplan as US Ambassador to Singapore.