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He did not say whether Republicans had advised the state legislature, which is at the center of allegations of election fraud, about the vote. And while he claims that his hastily written two-page note about his family Christmas vacation in Texas is out of context, Mr Pence could have done more to help him. He maintains his point of view. Playing card.

“I’m not going to give up on them,” Eastman said.

He added, ‚ÄúThere are a lot of accusations that I didn’t spend the day in court and there are a lot of people who believe and want to spend the day in court. And I’m a team of statistics, a team of election experts, a team of all kinds. We work very hard with multiple teams, for example to identify different claims and see if they benefit or have a plausible explanation. ”

Like many lawyers in the Trump administration, Eastman comes from a very conservative legal background and initially paid homage to Trump’s inner circle.

Eastman attended the University of Chicago Law School and served as Justice Clarence Thomas of the Supreme Court and Judge J. Michael Rutig, a former judge on the federal appeals court where President George W. Bush appeared before the Supreme Court. He’s in charge. He is a member of the Conservative Federal Association and former Dean of the Chapman University School of Law in Orange County, California. For 20 years he ran his own small law firm focused on representing conservatives on issues such as freedom of expression and religion. , Abortion and immigration.

After election day, Eastman acted behind the scenes as Mr. right-back. Trump, help Mr. Trump for fear he might find someone to let his worst instincts in in one of the most dangerous moments. I warned several officers. From his presidency. And that surprised many of Eastman’s old friends and others. They wonder if his access to power distorts his view of reality.

“When all failure mechanisms fail, they are always at risk,” Bolton said.

Eastman’s role in Trump’s power began the weekend after the Philadelphia election when Eastman was traveling for academic purposes. At a nearby hotel, Trump’s closest associates, including Corey Rwandowski, put together a bill to challenge the results in Pennsylvania.

Eastman was on Trump’s political advisory radar when Jenna Ellis, Trump’s campaign legal adviser, shared an article Eastman wrote on Twitter during the election. Ricefield. The article is an answer to the racist question Trump provoked about President Barack Obama’s birthplace, and that Biden’s candidate, Kamala Harris, is legitimate because her parents weren’t born in the United States. I asked if I could become president.

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