The giving Block Philantrophy platform using crypto for good

One of the main reasons cryptocurrencies on average don’t like cryptocurrencies is that digital assets are “typically” used by bad actors for many anti-government activities, including terrorist financing and illegal payments.

However, The Giving Block is a philanthropic platform that changes that narrative in its new industry where it introduces cryptocurrency to help humanity.

Crypto charities provide a leading solution for non-profit organizations to accept cryptocurrency and a platform for donors to donate cryptocurrency to a cause of their choice. Giving away Blocks opens up new revenue streams for charities while reducing the crypto tax burden on donors.

What does the giver block do?
From charities and churches to universities and foundations, The Giving Block provides tools and services to help any nonprofit turn crypto donations into a consistent and transformative source of income with hundreds of them, according to a statement the charity made to Cryptopolitan. Non-profit customers raise $100,000 or more in cryptocurrencies every year.

The platform is the first crypto philanthropic company to advocate for such a humanitarian cause. It is said to process more than $1 billion in crypto donations over the next 12 months. The Giving Block’s crypto philanthropy program is also one of the fastest-growing revenue streams for more than 700 leading nonprofits and crypto funds, including United Way Worldwide, Save the Children, and the American Cancer Society, making it one of the world’s most destructive forces. charity.

He has four initiatives aimed at raising awareness and facilitating cryptocurrency over the next few weeks, including The Crypto Giving Pledge, Crypto Giving Tuesday, Tuesday and the Cause Fund.

The trick
The recent bullish cryptocurrency market has allowed many investors to make significant profits from cryptocurrency investments over the past year. Profits have given investors the problem of how to handle their profits without paying taxes.

It should be noted that most of these investors are also young, many of them under 40 years old. They are reportedly ready to use their profits for the benefit of humanity and the planet, a solution provided by the fundraising unit.