Telenor Partners With Google Cloud to Digitalize Its Global Operations

Alphabet’s Telenor and Google Cloud have partnered to digitize the Norwegian telecommunications company’s global operations and are looking at ways to jointly offer services to customers, the two companies said on Monday.

In addition to using Google Cloud services to manage Telenor’s own IT and network, the companies will work together to bring digital tools to Telenor customers, their CEO told Reuters.

Oslo-based Telenor serves 172 million subscribers, with about half of its sales coming from Asia and half from the Nordic countries.

The digitization project will be a big change for Telenor, but it is part of its efforts to find new revenue streams, said Sigwe Brekeke, CEO of Telenor.

“I think the future of telecommunications companies is to go beyond connectivity and add value to connecting customers,” he said.

With networks increasingly reliant on software, Telenor needs to build a cloud business, and Google’s ability to deliver knowledge of data management, machine learning and artificial intelligence is critical, Breike added.

“Digitizing our process means making it smoother,” says Break. “You can guess before the outage happens… By uninstalling some of your backend processes you can make the customer experience easier and better.”

Google Cloud CEO Thomas Curien said digitizing the core operations of a major telecommunications company like Telenor was new to Google Cloud, as was shared customer offerings.

One of the first two shared services is a platform that helps small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with the transition to digital processes.

“It’s not just about optimizing the data center and moving the data center to the cloud,” said Curien.

“Our work with SMEs … we don’t just offer the technology as a supplier, we offer a shared offering for the consumer class.”

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