Sushiswap price analysis: SUSHI/USD is bullish throughout the weekend

Today’s Sushiswap price analysis is bullish as the downside inertia has again been rejected, indicating that the bulls continue to gain momentum to advance above the USD 11 resistance. As a result, we expect SUSHI/USD to expire in the next 24 hours and we will try to hit the $ figure 12.

In yesterday’s Sushiswap price analysis, we briefly mentioned that a short $10 retest is imminent as there is significant support for this area, but we caution against buying at this point.

Sushi swap price movement over the last 24 hours: Sushi swap finds support above $10 again
As expected, SUSHI/USD found support above USD 10 and moved slightly higher to trade in the USD 11 low area. SUSHI/USD price is currently at 10.90 USD which means the test was successful and we can be optimistic about the direction of this market in the analysis. Sushiswap prices today and beyond.

Today’s Sushiswap price analysis shows that the market is bullish as SUSHI/USD has risen again after dropping slightly in the early trading hours. This suggests that there are bulls in this market who want upward momentum even though it will take time to break above the $11 resistance.

Bull signs were also present in yesterday’s sushi swap price analysis. However, retailers could take this opportunity to buy around $10 before the modest spike we’re seeing today, while it may still be too early to buy today. As a result, we will have to wait and see if the advance can push the price around $0.50 for SUSHI/USD to rise above this level and have a promising move by the end of the month.

In yesterday’s analysis of Sushiswap prices, we saw significant support around USD 10, which the buyers retracted again today after a brief dip in the early trading hours. If this level continues above the retest, we could see more upward momentum before the end of the month.

The technical indicators on the 4 hours chart also show that the bulls are gaining momentum as the RSI has moved above 50, indicating that the price is moving up rather than down over time. Moreover, the MACD is currently showing no signs of a bearish divergence, which suggests that selling pressure is building and buyers are struggling for the 1-day USHI/USD chart: promising month-end mileage?

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Price analysis of Sushiswap’s daily chart shows more bullish signs. We can see the bulls trying to break the USD 11 resistance with some minor success so far.

Sushi swap price analysis: conclusion
We anticipate the price will continue to hold up to the USD 11 resistance until tested enough to believe that the bulls are strong enough to break this barrier. It may take days or weeks to test this level often enough, but we may see smaller retests occurring just below this level within a day.