Supporting Afghans After Evacuation The New York Times

Kahn said it was painful to see the Taliban take power. But after his family landed in Texas, he spoke to his sister, which highlighted the silver lining. “Isn’t it surprising that we are in the same country?” He asked Mr. Hahn. “We’re basically breathing the same air.”

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With this acknowledgment, some darkness gave way to a bright light.

“I’m very grateful,” Khan said.

The Catholic charity is one of nine beneficiaries supported by the IMF’s 110th annual campaign.

The fund began in 1912 when the Times editor, Adolf S. Ox, sent journalists to cover people in distress and receive aid from welfare agencies in New York. The goal is to publish 100 stories. The short article touched readers, who contributed about $3,600. Since then, the Times has worked with nonprofits every year to raise a total of more than $320 million and distribute it not only to organizations in the city but also to national and international organizations.

The 2020-21 campaign raised $9,794,932.53 for 10 organizations. The Fund’s 2021-22 campaign includes ready-to-use articles on how the institutions it supports are helping people in need. There are nine beneficiaries this year.

The New York Times pays to run campaigns, and organizations often spend money to fill gaps in public support. Donations of $100,000 or more from trusts and real estate will be donated to a donation fund. Online posting can be done via GoFundMe.

World Central Kitchen is one of the beneficiary organizations supporting relief efforts for Afghanistan.

“We are observing the situation in Afghanistan and feel very helpless,” said Nate Mook, the organisation’s chief executive.

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As the evacuation began, World Central Kitchen coordinated with several government agencies and worked with local Virginia restaurants to serve the thousands of refugees who landed at Dulles International Airport in late August. Lower. Decent food.

The nonprofit has distributed more than 60,000 meals to Afghans in Dulles, Philadelphia and Spain.