States Integrate Farmers Data With Central Portal 2021

The state has integrated farmer data into the state’s central real-time monitoring portal

From 23 countries of origin, 20 countries have integrated important farmer data, such as land register data and digital mandate data, into a portal managed by the Ministry of Consumers. This step is taken to ensure that the current minimum support price for Harif season (MSP) reaches the farmers and not the “middlemen”.

The ministry’s grain shopping portal integrates all of this data, called the Minimum Threshold (MTP), provided by the country of origin. Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh are two Union territories and one country and are in the process of integrating their data into a central public procurement portal.

The Ministry of Consumers urges all sources to integrate MTP with the grain procurement portal to ensure SMEs reach out to farmers.

The MTP consists of five important information about farmers that the state should integrate to maintain uniformity in the portal.

Initially, the state required farmers to register their online address, contact number, bank details, and list of data.

Second, the state must integrate farmer data into its own land registration portal. The state then integrated Mandis’ digital operations and booking center to generate forms for buyers and sellers.

In the fourth step, the state should set up the infrastructure for online payments so that the number of SMEs can be easily transferred to farmers’ bank accounts.

After all, countries should ensure automatic ordering once stock is created.

The integration of ICC data with the central government portal allows, among other things, real-time monitoring of farmer profits, number of crops purchased, payments to farmers and available stock. On the phone.

The need to integrate previous data suggests that there is no pan-India mechanism to oversee the entire process, official sources say.