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Squid Game Movie Review Story Update

In the midst of Netflix’s sensational Squid game – where people risk their lives playing children’s games – the “weakest link” is debated. Called “Kachhi-Mitti” in North India or “Kachha-Limboo” in the West Indies, it is described as “good rules that children follow so that the weakest child does not feel like an outcast”.

Squid Game, an exciting Korean series written and directed by Hwang Dong-Hyuk, is a place where anyone can play. But not everything is as it seems. I appreciate that underprivileged children can take part in the game, but being officially declared weak – by your friends – is your own millstone.

Simple games are rarely easy. This is a visually impressive series. Robber in shoes wearing hot purple overalls. The ladder looks like a Super Mario version of MC Escher’s woodcarving. Basic geometric shapes – squares, circles, triangles – are everywhere, meaning codes, ratings, and hints, shapes suitable for preschoolers and playstations.

Then they meet: there is a table triangle in a circle on a square chessboard. As with any memorable board game, aesthetics immediately demand our attention.

The premise seems simple: 456 people, overwhelmed by insurmountable debt, must compete in a series of children’s games that demand everything from the winner. If you lose, you will be killed.

Lines of influence can be drawn from Kinji Fukasaku’s Battle Royale, Hunger Games, Takashi Miikes As The Gods Will, and even David Fincher’s The Game. I’m also reminded of the funky Netflix series Alice In Borderland, where a Tokyo teenager stares at the sky with laser eyes while playing a certain game through a card game.

The Squid games themselves, however, are long-form (over nine difficult episodes) and really focus on the individual dramas and their active choices to compete against. You choose to play. Away from the frenzy of survival games, one player pays to charge his cell phone at the store while the other has to kneel to get on the bus. In this threatening world they are – albeit otherwise – all the same.

Or you? Equality is never absolute. In this case, that means 455 out of 456 will die. This is a snap view.

Squid Game focuses on Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae), an obsessive gamer who has spent so much of his life taking shortcuts and betting that he barely makes any progress.

His mother needed surgery, his ex-wife moved in with his daughter, he had given organs to moneylenders who literally sucked his blood from him. The first episode created its misfortune before introducing the game mechanics of the series, and the other episodes complicate it. He needed a win.

For all his incompetence, Gi-hun is basically a nice guy, which puts him at a disadvantage in an arena unique to sadists. His colleagues are clearly unsympathetic, but we reveal at every shift: Kang Sae-Bok (the dazzling Jung Ho-yon) is an unapologetic pickpocket, but also a North Korean defector who wants to take his family across the border.

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O Yeung-so shines like an old man with a brain tumor who would rather gamble than wait for his inevitable death in the real world. One of the most interesting is Gi-hun’s brilliant friend, Cho Sang-wu (Park He-su), a top student in high finance and now on the run after ruthlessly investing in the future.

Every story has tears. It’s a shameless melodramatic series – old people are sick, young people are wise beyond their years – but Huang is doing everything this time. Gihong’s previous stories include workers’ strikes and government-sponsored violence, the violence of which we see through the stunning reflection in her eyes as she stays awake in the arena one night.

Squid Game asks if we know what game we are playing. Margaret Atwood coined the term “utopia” to refer to some hopeful (or seemingly hopeful) act in an anti-utopian world, and when Huang’s story unfolds in the real world of income inequality and cursed healthcare, she gives us a strange kind of hope.

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Participants played six games in nine episodes, and although most of the episodes were hourly, it left them wanting more. Finishing the cable-pulling episode in the middle of a train is a harrowing moment, but I think the sixth episode, “Gganbu,” is particularly remarkable, where with a touch of elegance, expectations and character dynamics are completely reversed. game.

Despite its distinctive authenticity, Squid Game is confusing when it comes to non-Koreans. Pakistani hero Ali (Anupam Tripati) is not only naive to the point of stupidity, but also exotically stupid: He reacts to a completely indescribable circle that reminds him of “the moon in his hometown”.

Caucasian rich old man – like a masked VIP guest watching a grim game – says crazy things with animation flair. If one says “Hell has no anger like the despised woman”, another should add: “Another disciple of the poet, I don’t know.”

On the other hand, it can’t be a coincidence that disgusting cartoons of rich white men were made. Or guilty.

William Golding’s permanent novel, The Lord of the Flies, from 1954 is about stranded students who try in vain to control themselves before they go wild.

Of course, it’s easy to sympathize with the audience, but with subscribers funding a large corporation and making the series the most-watched show in the world, we need to recognize the irony of this. Those who were watching the Squid Game stood on either side of the wall. Here we compete, we hope we fly without points. Here we watch, drink, amused with realistic brutality. We are a winner. We are flies.

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