Signal pokes fun at WhatsApp Instagram and Facebooks global outage

On Monday evening, users announced that WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook were not available in many parts of the world. People on Twitter reported that three Facebook-owned platforms went down around 9pm. In India, about 400 million people use one or more of these platforms.

Andy Stone, CEO of Facebook Communications, posted a message on Twitter at 21:37 India time: “We know that some people are having difficulty accessing our apps and products. We are working to get back to normal as soon as possible. And that’s without any inconvenience. We are so sorry. ”

Meanwhile, Signal scoffs at the disturbance. The company tweeted, “Registration alert included (everyone welcome!). We also know how to survive outages and wish the engineers the best of luck trying to get service back on other platforms. Also Read: Global Disruption of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp Increases Number of Telegram Users, Signals

When WhatsApp went down, users turned to the instant messaging apps Telegram and Signal. With over 410 million users, India has the largest user base for Facebook and its platform. According to government figures, WhatsApp has 530 million users and Instagram 210 million users. Also read: WhatsApp, Instagram, Facing Global Blackout, Users Can’t Send Messages

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