Sherwood Boehlert a GOP Moderate in the House Dies at 84

After completing his military service, he graduated from Utica College in 1961 and headed public relations for the Wyandote Chemical Company.


Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller and Senator Jacob K. After entering politics as a supporter of the relatively progressive New York Republicans like the Javits, he worked for MP Alexander Pirney, a senior Republican who became his chief of staff. He was later joined by Mr. Pirney, Donald Mitchell, is also a Republican, and does the same.

He successfully ran for Executive Director of Oneida County and was elected to Congress for four years in 1982. His office and Cornell University. Unlike many of his peers, he returns to his neighborhood every weekend.

When he announced in 2006 that he would not be running for re-election, he told The Syracuse Post-Standard that he regretted the growing divisions in Washington.

“I came to Capitol Hill 42 years ago and have never seen such a high level of favoritism or low tolerance from another person’s point of view,” he said.

After Boehlert’s death, New York Democrat Chuck Schumer, a Senate majority leader, praised his “rich heritage, support for science, commitment to fighting climate change, and deep love for his region.” compliment him for that

Mr. Boehlert married Marian Wiley in 1976. With him, he has two children, Tracy VanHook and Leslie Watland, and a stepson, Mark Brooks, from his divorced marriage to Gene Bon; Brooke Phillips’ stepson from his wife’s first marriage; and six grandchildren.