ruturaj gaikwad century with six: ruturaj gaikwad ki century ka six ka video: ruturaj gaikwad century video

ruturaj gaikwad century with six: ruturaj gaikwad ki century ka six ka video: ruturaj gaikwad century video


  • Ruturaj Gaikwad ended his century with the final ball of the Chennai Super Kings round.
  • Gaikwad said at the break that he knew it was six as soon as he hit the bat
  • Chennai provided Rajasthan with a century of help from Gaikwad. 190 goals difficult
  • Rajasthan reached the goal with the help of rounds from Yashasvi Jaiswal and Shivam Dube
    Abu Dhabi

The inventor of the Super King of Chennai, Ruturaj Gaikwad, was impressed with his appearance. He is the best goalscorer this IPL season. Gaikwad celebrated a brilliant century against the Rajasthan Royals on Friday, taking their team to a strong score of 189. Brilliant strikes from Yashasvi Jaisual and Shivam Dube gave Rajasthan the win. But Gaikwad is recognized as a gamer for his games. Gaikwad ended his century with the final ball in the Chennai inning. He said that once the ball hit the bat, he had the idea it would happen in six cycles.

This is the first century of rising stars in the IPL. At the break in the middle of the inning, Gaikwad said: “I managed the ball well. The edge was short at the foot so I knew there would be six tracks. In a conversation with Star Sports, Gaikwad looked right after. A century When the last start started, Gaikwad hit 95. He was on the other end.

Ravindra Jadeha fought really well. He had 14 runs in the first three balls. One of Mustafizur Rahman’s balls was also a ball, Jadeja took one of the game’s fourth ball. Then Gaikwad only had two eggs to complete his century. However, he said he wasn’t too worried about this century.

Gaikwad says he doesn’t think much of the century. He said: “In the end, it depends on how many runs your team has scored. When Jadeja marked the track at the other end, he didn’t think he would have a chance to end the century. Gaikwad missed the fifth ball. the last pass through the mid-range missile.

Regarding his hitting strategy, he said: “The ball didn’t go well on the racket at first. Initially we thought of a target of 160 tracks. Then I thought about 170K, then why not make a 180 and finally we did it. 190.”

Gaikwad started off cautiously, but once his eyes focused, he hit hard, making 71 runs in the last 30 balls.

He said, “I thought at first the ball landed on the racket. Your quick bowling is good too. My plan is to fight for 13-14 oats so I can have the advantage later. Gaikwad hit a really long six. When asked about his secret, the 24-year-old that year said he was just trying to time the ball, didn’t want to hit six that long.