Russia ignores request to suspend millions in crypto removed from Wex wallet 2021

The demands of the Wex victims were ignored by Russian authorities. The customer asked the Ministry of the Interior to limit crypto funds. Wex has stopped working. However, the tokens under its control are linked elsewhere. So far, around 10,000 ETH has been moved to other DEXs. The unexplained change caused Wex customers to try to stop the platform.

Wex customers fight to stop $46 million worth of cryptocurrency
Despite pressure from Wex’s victims, the police insisted on not acting. The victims called on the authorities to help stop the $45.9 million worth of digital assets. This amount was withdrawn from one of the Wex wallets in September.

The details come out on various social platforms. Sergei Mendeleev, CEO of Indefibank, for example, gave several articles in digital media. He made a quote from the agency’s official report.

Wex victims reportedly provided the investigative unit with the necessary information. They released a full schedule of how Wex moves tokens from one folder to another.

In addition, customers even make data from analysis tools available to the police. The device finds that the token is missing. On top of that, violent victims turned to Binance. They believe that the Binance platform received 97.8 ETH. Binance responded by freezing the asset for a week.

Binance has a policy that allows assets to be temporarily frozen. However, this only applies if there is sufficient evidence of fraud. In the case of a freeze, the victim must notify the appropriate authorities. The person must then file a police report with Binance. Binance will then team up with investigative experts to clean up the mess.

The Ministry of Home Affairs requests a thorough inspection
Against the backdrop of this process, Wex customers made statements to the authorities. Unfortunately, the police didn’t buy the story. On October 25, the ministry gave them the absolute answer. The ministry noted that the case must be investigated at a high level before action can be taken. The statement said the rush to discontinue assets at this point was hasty.

The Wex platform has taken over the famous BTC-e. BTC-e is a strong phase of the crypto exchange. However, it declined about four years ago. In September there were rumors of the arrest of Dimitri Vasiliev in Warsaw. Polish officials confirmed the story. Officials said they were considering an extradition request from Kazakhstan. It turned out that Vasilyev was a refugee in Kazakhstan. He has to answer the fraud case.

Wex was born in the last quarter of 2017. At that time, it had achieved a daily return of $80 million, but in 2018 stopped pulling back. He then went bankrupt.

Forklog estimates the losses are huge. It exceeds $400 million. Despite this, Vasilyev was charged with stealing $200 million.