Rochester faces discipline in officer Daniel Prude’s death

The Rochester Police Department announced Thursday that it has been charged with a police officer in the death of Daniel Prud, a black man who was killed after police pulling a mesh hood over his head last March in Rochester, New York had forced him to the ground, has brought charges. sidewalk

The division’s indictment against officer Mark Vaughn is the first ever filed against an employee involved in Mr. Vaughn’s case. Prude. He was one of seven officers removed from the department in connection with last year’s case. A major court in February refused to press charges against officials after New York Attorney General Leticia James ruled there was enough evidence to initiate criminal proceedings.

Prude’s death and the release of camera footage showing him being nailed to the ground sparked public outrage over racism and police brutality in protests across the country following the killing of George Floyd last May.

Mr Vaughan and three other officials first met Mr Prude in Rochester after it was reported that a naked man was running through the streets shouting he had the coronavirus. The officer collided with Mr. Prud after he started spitting on officers and pulled the hood over his head, a common but controversial police practice.

Mr. Pood lay on the floor for two minutes, passed out and had to be resuscitated. He was placed on life support and died a week later.

In a video posted last year from Mr. Prude, Mr. Vaughn was seen leaning on Mr. Proud with his feet on the ground; In the police report, Mr. Vaughan wrote that Mr. Prude had “broken his head”. The pressure was so great that Pak Prud felt an officer standing above him.

“Get your feet off me!” He screams in the video.

According to video analysis from the New York Times, Vaughan held his position by leaning on Floyd’s head for at least 68 seconds.

Mr Prude’s family has filed a civil suit against the City of Rochester and officials involved in his death allege the death was unlawful.

“We have missed many opportunities to hold these employees accountable,” said Mary Lupien, Rochester City Councilor. “Looks like it’s our only chance.”

But Ms. Lupien said he was worried about how long it would take to shoot even an officer like Mr. Vaughan, who he said was the only punishment appropriate to Mr.’s community and family. Prud.

“I think we have a very long process ahead of us,” he said.

Information regarding the division’s allegations against Mr Vaughan was not immediately available. The Rochester Police Locust Club, the union representing the city’s police officers, did not respond to a request for comment.

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