Republicans Assail Garland Over Justice Department Schools Memo

Republicans on Wednesday blamed Justice Secretary Merrick B. Garland for the Justice Department’s initiative to address threats of violence and intimidation against principals, teachers and school board members.

The barrage of Republican criticism of the Senate Judiciary Committee comes a week after Garland faced tough Republican questions on the House Judiciary Committee.

Republicans dismissed the Justice Department’s efforts as an attack on parental rights to raise concerns about issues such as Musk’s duties and race guidelines, which made him a voter-friendly issue.

The subject is a note from Garland on October 4, when the FBI and 94 US law firms were discussing how to meet with local law enforcement agencies to deal with the threat in early November. , “Reporting, Assessing, and Responding to Threats.”

Garland said in a note that there had been an “alarming jump” in harassment, bullying and intimidation of public school staff and board members.

“Live discussion of political issues is protected by our constitution, but that protection does not include threats of violence or intimidation of people based on their views,” Garland wrote. Me.

Garland also issued a notice announcing initiatives to address electoral harassment and the rise in hate crimes against Asians.

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In his testimony, he explained that his school instruction was aimed exclusively at combating violence and threats of violence. And he has repeatedly said that the Supreme Court and the First Amendment prevent him from violating freedom of expression even when it gets really hot.

In his notes, Garland did not address the specific threats of violence or explain why the harassment or threats were increasing.

However, last year’s news articles featured detailed physical fights, arrests, and garbled accusations of discussion on rights-revitalizing issues, such as disguise requirements, gender issues and trafficking curricula. There are threats to board members, faculty and staff and executives. Accompanied by racial discrimination.

However, several Republicans in court, including North Carolina Senator Tom Tillis, urged the FBI to investigate harassment and bullying, and the record could have a deterrent effect on parents seeking to complain. He says there is.

“The full power of the FBI is now something parents need to think about before going to the school board to raise their concerns and they are disappointed,” Tyris said. He asked Mr. Garland to consider canceling or revising the record.

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Republicans also said Garland politicized the Justice Department shortly after public school leaders asked President Biden to address school safety concerns.

Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton said days later that Garland’s notes were written by the head of the National Board of Education to Biden detailing cases of confusion and threats at a school board meeting. He says he will come later. He suggested that the timing of whether the Justice Department’s record was led by the White House raises questions.

Garland denied having received instructions from the White House.

“When we receive signals of violence or threats of violence, we have to act very quickly,” Garland told Cotton. “If I received this letter and there was violence in the meantime, I would hate it.

He said he made the remarks in response to news reports of bullying and violence against school staff and boards, as well as letters from the National School Board.

The National School Board Association apologized to its members after several state members withdrew from the association and cited inflammatory words in their letters, including comparing protesting parents to “domestic terrorism”. ..

Republicans also asked Garland for details of the press release announcing the Justice Department initiative. Part of this effort, according to the communication, could be the establishment of a working group covering the national security sector, a sector component focused on the fight against terrorism.

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Garland did not say whether a task force would be formed or why the National Security Agency was involved. He outlined several criminal charges that could be filed against the type of intimidation and violence reported in the news, all consistent with the type of work the department typically does. I didn’t do it.

Some Republicans said they had received information that some FBI members were dissatisfied with the policy, but Garland said no one in the department had complained. Ricefield.