Republican review of Arizona vote fails to show stolen election

During the last legislature, Republicans in Arizona were prolific in drafting laws that would affect state elections, introducing a total of 57 laws, 32 of which would add new voting restrictions or change the balance of power in the election administration. will be transferred. Lab Rights Lab, liberal-minded constituency. Seven of these laws became law.

The report also includes legislative proposals that would add further voting restrictions. This includes a number of ways to remove further voters from registration lists, including whether the entries are “matched” against government-issued identification documents. Voter groups pointed out that strict direct match regulations could result in selecting the wrong voter from the list.

The report undermines the findings and reiterates a common conspiracy theory circulating on far-right news sites and social media after the election.

The report examines in detail the disappearances of the bulletin markers, which are the source of the conspiracy known as #Sharpiegate, which claims ballots cannot be sensed by machines in Arizona, and they have been outright rejected. It also increases the ability to create and send fake ballots, similar to Trump’s false claim that overseas will be flooded with fake ballots in the 2020 election.

Well-known election experts have been saying for months that a Senate review would be wrong if it concluded that Trump won the Maricopa County election. In fact, Trump’s statement of loss is available in the public records every November ballot, White said.

Mr White joined the two retired CEOs of Clear Ballot Group, an election consultancy, last month in a point-to-point report detailing what really happened in November.

His analysis of the choices on each ballot showed that Trump lost Arizona because 74,822 Republicans, including 59,800 in Maricopa County, were unhappy with the former president’s performance in not voting for him. About two-thirds of those voters voted for Biden, the analysis found, and the remaining third voted for another candidate, such as the Libertarian Party candidate, or president. not given.

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