Reasons Patientory is the Best dApp for Patients

In the era of smart devices and mobile apps, people are bombarded with a large number of lifestyle apps. The problem with lifestyle and medical applications is that they create information silos. A fitness app that specializes in one area such as bodyweight apps, hip apps, and jump rope apps. Tracking and monitoring fitness, nutrition, and attention goals is rapidly becoming complex.

Patient DApp solves this problem. It offers personalized and unique treatment plans using the latest technology available everywhere. It also provides healthy individuals and patients with a single resource to record and track their lifestyle, medical, and health goals.

Patientory mobile dApp target
The Patientory team builds a decentralized mobile application with users at the center of the PTOYMartrix network blockchain. Patients and healthy people can easily and safely access and view their medical information. Thanks to the Patientory mobile app, people are the guardians of their medical and health information d.

Lifestyle Goals, Medical Indicators and Health
Healthy people and patients collect and monitor all data about their lifestyle, health and well-being through dApp for patients. Data is received from various inputs such as sensors for mobile phones, portable devices, smart measuring scales, etc. The DApp also monitors food quality and water intake.

Medical indicators such as blood tests, vitamin levels, allergies, high blood pressure, diabetes, x-rays and other tests for vital signs are available through the Patientory dApp. This application allows healthcare providers who are part of the PTOYMatrix network to record all medical data or treatment history in individual accounts. Access to medical data is beneficial to the individual at any future hospital visit or when receiving a new prescription.

Physical and mental health are important components of a person’s health. Many people have lost social bonds due to the pandemic and are faced with changes in their daily lives. Patientory dApp offers advanced medical tools. Healthy people who want to pursue their meditation and breathing goals can use medical devices. The patient can also keep a record of the psychological history and intake time.

Personalized treatment plan
The Mobile dApp offers a customized maintenance plan for each user. It calculates an overall health score based on physical activity, nutritional quality, medical health and well-being, and uses modern technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence to identify patterns and trends.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms provide personalized data that records past, present and future health outcomes. The DApp offers tips that optimize the health of each individual.

Why is data storage important?
While lifestyle features are available in other mobile apps, the Patientory dApp offers complete control over the individual. Individuals authorize healthcare providers to access and use their health data with their consent.