Ratan Khatri – The First Matka King

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Ratan Khatri is perhaps one of the most known names of Indian entrepreneurs. Many credit Khatri as the pioneer of India’s betting and gambling movement. Khatri came to Mumbai from Pakistan when he was a teenager during the 1947 partition of India. In order to understand the importance this man played in the history of India, we must go back a few years.

Satta Matka

Sometime in the 1950s, right after India gained their independence from the United Kingdom, Satta Matka became a full-fledged lottery game. Even though the game has evolved and changed over the years, the name Matka has remained.

In the game’s early days, players bet on the numbers sent from the New York Cotton Exchange to the Bombay Cotton Exchange via teleprinter. The numbers reflected the price of cotton and fluctuated greatly.

The game started with workers trying to guess the numbers that would be sent on a given day. The guesses were written on paper and placed in a matka (clay pot), and later a designated person would pull the numbers and announce the winner. The game became wildly popular, especially in mill towns where bookies set up shops.

In today’s world, Matka is played online with offshore lottery companies. The game is still the most popular lottery in India. Matka players check Matka.bet for Matka results online, anytime they wish.

In 1961, the teleprompter practice came to an end, sending the bookies into a frenzy. They were trying to find a way to keep Satta Matka alive so as not to lose the lottery. This forced an evolution of the game.

Ratan Khatri developed a transformed version of the game. The game was played the same, but the numbers came from fictitious companies. Under his leadership, Matka was transformed and established as a nationwide network. Ratan Khatri made so much money from the game that he was named “Matka King.” Many books and movies have featured Khatri’s life. Ratan Khatri died at his home in Navjeevan at the age of 88.

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The legacy lives on

Matka is as popular as ever. Anyone can play this game with the help of technology, high-speed internet, and online betting sites. With offshore vendors, you are betting with the company, not a national lottery. The company pays you. All the games are played digitally. Due to streaming services, customers can play live over their computer or smartphone if they choose.

Payments to play and winnings are deposited into your account. To keep their licenses, the vendor must be fully registered, regulated, audited, and insured. Blockchain technology protects customers and companies from fraud of any kind. Each client sets up his own account with information known only to him for safety. Winnings are deposited into the accounts he sets up.

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Playing the game

Each bet is different, so you decide how much you want to wager. The minimum bet is ₹200, and the maximum is ₹10,000.

You begin by drawing three numbers from a deck of cards.

Place your bet/bets

  • Draws are made every 15 minutes
  • If you win Single Ank, your winnings are multiplied by 9. That is 900%
  • Results are in real-time, and winnings are placed in your online wallet
  • Jodi, Panna, and Full Sangham are included
  • You can place multiple bets if you would like

Wait and see if you are the winner.

Matka King

To be a Matka King, you need only to win a significant amount of money with the game. There are many players and many winners, but no specific number has been assigned as a requirement for Kingship.

There have only been three recognized Matka Kings in history. They are:

  • Ratan Khatri
  • Kalyanji Bhagat
  • Suresh Bhagat

Unfortunately, these people lived very private lives, and little is known about them today.


Even when the Indian government tried to outlaw this game, the people continued to play. In order to play legally, they played without betting money. As technology moves on, it becomes easier for the people of India to enjoy this activity that has been part of their culture for decades. New versions of the game pop up from time to time. But you can always find the original.

The growth of technology has allowed people who were not exposed to Matka in their early days to learn about the game. Today, it is an international favorite. There is no doubt that there will be another Matka King someday. Someone will win so much that they will be famous for the prize. If you have not tried the game, it is as close as your computer or smartphone. Who knows, the next Matka King could be you.