Alia, R&B star R. Kelly married when she was 15, took part in the government’s final argument against Kelly on Wednesday after federal prosecutors ruled the couple’s illegitimate relationship a criminal offence. Introduced as a blackmail defendant.

Prosecutor Elizabeth Gedes, assistant US attorney, reviews trial testimony of Kelly rushing to Chicago to address an emergency in August 1994: she believes Alia is pregnant with a child. . His decision was to marry her to avoid criminal prosecution and to have his employees bribe an Illinois employee to create a false identity.

Geddes said he was the first to be charged with racketeering. But Geddes investigated the trial by testifying about Kelly’s sexual harassment of the young singer, who was “part of the defendant’s blackmail model.”

Alia, whose full name was Alia Dana Houghton, died in a plane crash in 2001. She and Mr Kelly were introduced in 1992 at the age of 13 and she is the youngest girl accused of harassing Mr Kelly. . .

A former teenager, Mr Kelly’s reserve, testified in court that he saw Mr Kelly, who is in his mid-20s, perform oral sex with Aaliyah while on tour circa 1993. The reserve stated that he too was sexually abused. of Mr Kelly as a teenager and he wants him to be Alias’ girlfriend.

Geddes explained the circumstances of the marriage in 1994 and the reasons for Mr Kelly’s marriage: He wanted to force Aaliyah to have an abortion. “No babies, no prisons,” said Ms. Geddes.

He claimed that Mr Kelly did not suspect any of his loyal servants’ marriage conspiracies, but was an active force propelling the criminal enterprise forward.

“Just because you have supporters doesn’t make you any less responsible for your dirty work,” he said. The marriage was annulled in 1995.

He also uses testimonials from Aaliyah to show how Mr Kelly’s teens and co-workers must behave in order to be in their “inner circle”. Geddes cited testimony from the trial in which Mr Kelly told witnesses he had to “pick a team”.

Demetrius Smith, the former tour manager who accompanied Mr. Kelly went to Chicago and was involved in arranging the wedding, saying she was not happy with Mr. Kelly with the young singer. But when Mr. Smith picked a team, Ms. Geddes said, “He wants to be in the inner circle in this endeavor.

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