Quant price analysis QNT jumps to $81 gaining eight percent value

Quant’s price analysis shows that QNT/USD is recovering after experiencing a bearish decline over the past two days. Over the past two days, the bears have depreciated the coin’s value significantly, bringing it down to $78.8 after the last high of 85.1 on July 9, 2022. But today, the bulls are back in the market with significant price gains as they push the price function up to $81. ,7. The bulls broke the existing resistance at $80.9 and further improvement is expected. The next resistance for QNT/USD comes in at $85, but as the price has reached the resistance zone, selling pressure could be triggered at any time.

QNT/USD 1-day price chart: the price is near the resistance zone

The 1-day price chart for quantitative price analysis shows that the bulls have dominated the price movement for most of the last week and the price of QNT/USD peaked at $85.1 and then corrected. Prices have rallied again in the last 24 hours, with prices climbing back to the $81.7 level at the time of writing and gaining eight percent in value in the last 24 hours. The cryptocurrency has also gained value by 32 percent over the past week, which is a huge achievement. If we mention the Moving Average (MA) indicator on the one-day price chart, it is at $71.8.

Volatility is very high, spanning a range of $84 on the upside and $42 on the low, with Bollinger Bands holding an average of $63. The top bar represents resistance for QNT and the bottom bar represents support for QNT. The result of the Relative Strength Index (RSI) reached near the border of the oversold zone at 67, with its bullish curve indicating buying activity in the market.

Quantitative Price Analysis: Recent Developments and Additional Technical Indications

Quant’s four-hour price analysis is showing bullish signs as the price has risen tremendously today. The bullish momentum has picked up again in the last few hours and the price has risen up to the last hour. It currently stands at $81.7. The moving average is still lower than the price of $71.8 but the 20 SMA is trading above the 50 SMA which is an additional bullish clue.


The Bollinger Bands indicator on the four-hour price chart supports the $79 moving average. While the high has hit $89 and the low is at $70, indicators point to high volatility for QNT. The RSI score is up again as the price is rising again due to the recent bullish activity in the market. The RSI indicator shows a reading of 56 on the 4-hour chart.

Conclusion of quantitative price analysis

Quant’s price analysis shows that gains have once again pushed the price higher and have risen to $81.7 today. We expect QNT/USD to continue higher towards $85 today. However, the correction may start as the price approaches its recent peaks.