PUBG is getting mountain bikes 2021

Krafton added mountain bikes to PlayerUnknown’s battlegrounds so you can fire up your bike right away and everyone else will be last. Mountain Bike Update 15.1, which is on the test server at the time of writing, with an improved Sanhock map and various weapon changes.

You may find a folded mountain bike in every PUBG card. Before jumping in to test your BMX skills, you can start a sprint to get up to speed. Don’t worry, Wheelie also has options – hold down the sprint and touch the jump button and you’ll be jumping for joy. Well, after you learn a bit about balance.

It turns out that PUBG mountain bikes are immortal too. They have unlimited health points so the player cannot destroy them. They are also quiet, so they have several advantages over the average vehicle. Mountain biking isn’t the only adventure as you can carry passengers as you turn into Bunny Victory.

Krafton also tested the Nerf for the P20 and the Buff for the Shotgun, LMG, SMG, and AUG. The team also made major changes to add some variety to the magazine. QuickDraw Magazine, for example, increases reload speed by 60%. Davis also changed the design of the Sanhok training ground after learning that the players were too crowded.

You can find complete instructions on how to fix it here. For other Battle Royale games, you can follow this link.