PSG Coin Price Prediction 2021

Following the announcement that soccer superstar Lionel Messi will join Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) for free after leaving Barcelona, ​​PSG’s coin soared to over $40 in August 2021. Here’s how we see the phenomenal link between sport and crypto in the life of a football fan.

The Paris Saint-Germain Fan Token (PSG) is a powerful utility token that allows fans of the Paris Saint-Germain football club (“Paris Saint-Germain”) to unite through the Socios platform and software to have a symbolic share of power over the club’s operations. Tokens act as a participation key and allow fans to compete for exotic prizes, club memberships and other benefits.

The only Paris Mint Saint-Germain certified is called $PSG. Fan tokens are digital assets that have not expired. Think of it as your regular membership but with the added benefit of the right to vote on football club issues, unmatched contributions to your team and unique one-time events.

PSG LGD, meanwhile, are one of the favorites for the biggest sporting tournament from today (International 10 – Dota2); the winner splits $18 million between 5 players; he is fashionable in China so he has good visibility for the PSG team.

Paris Saint-Germain uses software to allow fan token holders to rate the club’s official issues. It is up to the football club to conduct the poll, but the decision of the fans is final. Other team icon owners have previously chosen a variety of topics, including uniform design, vehicle design, the team’s official tagline, and being a starting player.

Fan tokens and their love for the football club can last forever. Once you get it, you can use it as much as you want. After some fan votes and gifts you will keep all your $PSG fan tokens. You don’t need to re-register weekly, monthly or yearly.

The PSG coin is an official token powered by the Chiliz chain, based on the Ethereum side chain to detect -Authorite, and is mainly used for the following:

1. Management

PSG-Coin holders can vote in various polls for Paris Saint-Germain’s “fan decisions” via smart contracts. Paris Saint-Germain has a legal obligation to act on the results of the survey. Token holders can interact with the Socios platform (vote in polls, enter contests and quizzes, connect/meet supporters, etc.) and receive incentives such as:

2. $PSG benefits

$ PSG Fan Token holders enjoy VIP access to local clubs, cups and continental matches such as the Europa League. But this is just the beginning. Whether it’s an autograph souvenir, a match with a club favorite icon or a trip with the team to an away game, there may be no limits. One thing to be aware of on the platform; You can win fan prizes by taking tests, playing games and voting for club decisions.

3. Bet

PSG may be required to accept Non-Fungible Token (NFT) payments in the future. Token holders can use the Socios system to vote, enter competitions, chat with other fans, and receive incentives such as:

• Enter the game.

• Exotic events.

• Incentives for refunds from leading online retailers.

• Incentives for CHZ can be found in the appendix.

• Electronic ID.

• NFT Club

Possible uses of PSG coins are:

• Solution: Use PSG coins to get VIP products and services.

• Enable PSG access to related apps/websites

• PSG bets in exchange for NFT incentives.

• Original collections (rare assets)

• Gamification Utility (NFT for blockchain based games).

• Reality (NFT ownership means real property, which is also a profitable investment).