Price optimism page confirmed on Coinbase

Several online researchers have confirmed that Coinbase has launched a new pricing page for the Optimism token. The page was first discovered Monday night by the Tree of Alpha bot looking for new pages on the website. While the site doesn’t display pricing data yet, it does exist. Although it doesn’t appear in search results, the page can be easily accessed via a direct link.

Interestingly, there is no sign of optimism yet. Such tokens are also not included in the Coinbase token list published last week. However, there are signs that a symbol of optimism is coming soon. A few days ago, Optimism published a blog post indicating that a new chapter is starting for the company.

In this release, the company lists its achievements, including more than $17.4 billion in transaction volume and more than $24.5 million in revenue. He also noted that the next phase would be “community ownership and governance driven.” This indicates an intention to launch at least one digital asset.

Announcement directly from the new trending price page

Recent events with Robinhood may have contributed to the rumors. Keep in mind that Robinhood created pages for Shiba Inu, Solana, and two other crypto tokens before finally listing them. If that’s not the case with Coinbase, the only other valid explanation is that the employee is a scammer or Coinbase is just testing the site.

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Prior to that, token counts on Coinbase usually occurred months and sometimes years after tokens were released. But lately, the approach seems to be different. In early March, when Yuga Labs launched ApeCoin, it was immediately listed on several exchanges.

If this happens with the Optimism token, it could mean Coinbase is trying to be the first to list the coin. Keep in mind that the Coinbase portfolio is also the first to offer support for Optimistic Rollup.

UK crypto potential is growing

In a separate message, Coinbase CEO Fariar Shirzad noted that the UK is in a unique position to become an industry leader. He also points out that the opportunity lies in the combination of capital market depth with leadership in fintech, standardized regulatory practices and innovative dynamism.