Polkadot Launches Substrate Marketplace

The developers who built the Polkadot blockchain and its Canary network on Kusama should have an easier time with the launch of the new Substrate Marketplace, part of a larger update to the Substrate Developer Center.

The Developer Center serves as the knowledge base of the Substrate framework used to build the Polkadot and Kusama blockchains. Polkadot acts as a relay chain, linking the parachain ecosystems together, processing their transactions, and ensuring interoperability between them. Developers typically use Palettes, which are powerful modules and supporting libraries that serve as the building blocks of Substrates, to create their parachains. They can be seen as ready-made blockchain components.

With the launch of the Substrate Marketplace in the Developer Hub, it’s easier for developers to browse the available palettes to use to build their Polkadot, Kusama, or Solochain projects, says Parity Technologies. The Marketplace contains the open source palette included with FRAME, as well as dozens of third-party offerings created by the Polkadot and Kusama communities.

Within the Marketplace, developers will find three main sections, including an implementation library that provides examples of business logic that can be enabled by mixing and matching multiple palettes. There developers can find more than 100 complete runtime lists in this section, including those used by the most famous parachains. Users can browse through various categories to find the framework their project needs, and then save a lot of effort by viewing dozens of examples of how they can be used to create custom blockchains.

In addition to the runtime, there is its own palette with a library of nearly 100 to choose from. Again, entries are sorted into different categories, with information on license details, dependencies, and GitHub insights.

Last but not least, the marketplace includes a section list project which is meant to provide inspiration to developers. Users can find more than 120 active projects in areas such as DeFi, GameFi, file storage, smart contracts and more that are currently being built in the Substrate and Dotsama ecosystems.

Parity expects Substrate Marketplace to be a valuable resource for developers building its ecosystem, helping them navigate various options at the click of a button and find the best solution for their specific blockchain needs. At the same time, it will highlight the growing strength of the Polkadot developer community as a whole, and give everyone within it the opportunity to gain visibility, share knowledge and learn something new in the process.