Petrol Diesel Prices Remain Unchanged For 21 Days In A Row

In Delhi, petrol is currently selling for Rs 103.97 while diesel is priced at Rs 86.67.

Gasoline and Diesel Prices Today: Fuel prices were unchanged for the 21st day in a row on Thursday. In early November, the government cut excise taxes on gasoline and diesel and cut prices slightly from record levels.

In the nation’s capital, gasoline is currently selling for 103.97 rupees. According to Indian Oil Corporation, the price of diesel is Rs 86.67. In Mumbai, gasoline sells for Rs 109.98 per liter. Diesel costs 94.14 rupees per liter.

Despite the price cuts, gasoline prices are above 100 rupees per liter in four subways and several cities in the country. Among the metropolitan areas, fuel prices are the highest in Mumbai. Fees vary by country, depending on sales tax or sales tax. (Also Read: How To Check The Current Price Of Gasoline And Diesel In Your City)

Gasoline and diesel prices for the entire metro city are:
State oil refineries such as Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum review their fuel prices daily to take into account international market crude oil prices and rupee exchange rates. Changes in gasoline and diesel prices occur every day starting at 06:00 in the morning.

Globally, oil prices have largely stabilized as investors question the effectiveness of the US-led strategic oil disaster.