Petrol Diesel Prices Hiked For 4th Straight Day On Sunday

Gasoline and diesel prices: In major cities, gasoline prices are rising today

Gasoline and Diesel Prices Today: On Sunday, October 17th, fuel prices rose again for the fourth day in a row, largely due to a surge in world crude oil prices. According to Indian Oil Corporation, gasoline prices rose 35 steps from 105.49 rupees per liter to 105.84 rupees per liter, and diesel prices also rose 35 steps from 94.22 rupees per liter to 94.57 rupees in the capital.

In Mumbai, gasoline prices rose 34 points to Rp 111.77 per liter and diesel rose 37 points to Rp 102.52 per liter. Chennai gasoline prices rose 31 pips to 103.01 rupees per liter and then surpassed 103 rupees per liter. However, gasoline prices are still the lowest in southern cities. Of the four major cities, fuel prices are the highest in Mumbai, according to the state oil refinery. Fuel costs vary from country to country based on sales tax or sales tax. (Also Read: How To Check The Current Price Of Gasoline And Diesel In Your City)

The price of gasoline and diesel in the whole city is:
State oil refineries such as Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum review their fuel prices daily, taking into account international market crude oil prices and exchange rates. Changes in the price of gasoline and diesel are made every day starting at 6:00 am.

Oil prices hit a three-year high of more than $85 per barrel, helped by forecasts of a supply bottleneck in the coming months as COVID-related deregulation boosted demand for rice fields on Friday 15 October.