Petrol and Diesel Prices Remain Steady For 7 Days In A Row Check Rates

Gasoline and diesel prices: Gasoline prices are stable in major cities at the moment

Gasoline and Diesel Prices Today: Gasoline and diesel prices remained unchanged for the seventh day in a row on Wednesday, November 10, after the government slightly cut the excise tax on gasoline and diesel from record highs.

According to the Indian Oil Corporation, gasoline costs 103.97 rupees and diesel 86.67 rupees in the state capital. In Mumbai, gasoline costs 109.98 rupees per liter and diesel 94.14 rupees per liter.

Despite the price cuts, gasoline and diesel prices are over 100 rupees per liter across the country, but they are the highest of the four metros in Mumbai. The move to lower the excise tax on fuel prices could cost the government 14,000 rupees a year. (Also Read: How To Check The Current Price Of Gasoline And Diesel In Your City)

The price of gasoline and diesel on the subway is:
State oil refineries such as Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum review their fuel prices daily, taking into account international crude oil prices and the rupee exchange rate. Changes in the price of gasoline and diesel are made every day starting at 6:00 am.

Global oil prices rose on Wednesday and extended gains in the previous session. After industry data last week showed that US crude inventories fell unexpectedly, pandemic restrictions were eased and demand for short-term travel rebounded.

West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude futures were up 23 cents, 0.3%, at $84.38 a barrel on Tuesday, up 2.7%. Brent crude futures rose 1.6 percent Tuesday, then rose 36 cents (0.4 percent) to $85.14 a barrel.