PayPal CoFounder Peter Thiel Says He Wishes He’d Invested More in Bitcoin

Peter Teal, co-founder of PayPal and Palantir, said he regretted not investing enough in Bitcoin. During the event in Miami, Teal praised cryptocurrencies and admitted to investing less in bitcoin. “They just want to buy bitcoin. I think I invest less.” His asset is that he believes that “his secret is known to everyone”.

According to a Bloomberg report, Thiel, a liberal, spoke in an interview with Lincoln Network in Miami where he was asked to talk about cryptocurrencies, central banks, and artificial intelligence. Thiel suggests that cryptocurrencies, in short, also have a liberal concept and artificial intelligence (AI) is communist.

At a time when Bitcoin (BTC) has broken record highs and hit new record highs, Teal said he wouldn’t be surprised if the popular cryptocurrency continues to recover in the near future. On the other hand, the central bank is not doing well.

“Bitcoin is at $66,000. Will it grow? Maybe. But that clearly says we are in a state of complete central bank failure,” Teale said, adding that “decentralization power” is the digital asset industry’s biggest benefit. . On the other hand, he said of the development of artificial intelligence that “especially low-tech observations are inherently communist” because they are centralized.

Thiel has long been a Bitcoin proponent. In 2018, when the value of BTC was not the highest, the entrepreneur said that he believed Bitcoin was a long-term investment. The PayPal co-founder, formerly known as the “pro-crypto, pro-bitcoin maximist,” spoke earlier this week about how bitcoin’s current rally solves problems in the US political system.