Polkadot Launches Substrate Marketplace

The developers who built the Polkadot blockchain and its Canary network on Kusama should have an easier time with the launch of the new Substrate Marketplace, part of a larger update to the Substrate Developer Center. The Developer Center serves as the knowledge base of the Substrate framework used to build the Polkadot and Kusama … Read more

SEC blocks XRP traders from helping Ripple 2022

The SEC has petitioned the court to block a notarized attempt by XRP holders. The case between the agency and Ripple continues, albeit with little media attention. In a new round, however, the commission asked the court to bar XRP holder and attorney John Deaton from interfering in the case. XRP holders complain about lost … Read more

Ferrari forges a deal with blockchain

In DEK. On 27th 2021, Ferrari headquarters announced that they had entered into a partnership with Velas AG. Blockchain companies will help supercar makers create NFTs. Ferrari announces joint venture with Velas Ferrari is an Italian supercar manufacturer produced by Enzo Ferrari in 1939. The famous company announced its intention to join NFT in digital … Read more