Opera Launch Crypto Browser on iOS

After launching the crypto browser project on Windows, Mac, and Android in January, Opera has released a cryptocurrency-focused version of the iOS browser.

For those unfamiliar, the company’s new browser is cryptocurrency-based and offers users an easier way to browse decentralized applications (dApps), games, and metauniverse platforms for a smoother cross-platform experience.

Opera’s Crypto Browser project also includes a news and data aggregator called “Crypto Corner”, a personalized homepage with crypto information and live updates, crypto-asset prices, and gas costs, as well as crypto events, airdrops, and even podcasts.

While Web3 is gaining momentum from developers with 34,000 developers joining in 2021 alone, the Web3 user experience is far from intuitive and not optimized for iPhone users.

For this reason, Opera has decided to add iOS support to its Crypto Browser, which is a dedicated Web3 browser with a crypto wallet without integrated storage.

Opera Crypto Browser on iOS

Apart from accessing Web3 and dApps, Opera’s ipto Crypto Browser also offers cryptocurrency mining protection which can block any cryptocurrency scripts that could harm a user’s iPhone and affect its performance.

The iOS browser can even restore Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible crypto wallets with Opera’s native wallets, allowing users to integrate their existing assets and balances into their crypto browser settings.

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At the same time, Opera’s Crypto Browser was developed to address the growing issue of cryptocurrency by supporting more efficient and eco-friendly PoS and Layer 2 chains that enable cheaper transactions and consume less energy than Proof-of-Work (PoW). Blockchain. Therefore, the company entered into a partnership with Polygon and will integrate more PoS chains into its browser in the future.

Opera’s Vice President of Mobile Devices, Jørn Arnesen, provided additional information on how the company’s Crypto Browser is making Web3 more accessible to users in a press release, saying:

“Interest in Web3 continues to grow. The Opera Crypto Browser project was created to simplify the Web3 user experience, which is often confusing for mass users. Opera believes that to reach its full potential and mass adoption, Web3 must be easy to use.

iOS users interested in cryptocurrencies or testing Web3 and dApps themselves can now download the Opera crypto browser from Apple’s App Store.