Olivia King Kroger Shooting Victim Remembered as Selfless

Olivia King, a regular at Autar Catholic Church in Collive, Tennessee, was killed in a mass shooting at a Kroger grocery store hours before she attended a service there Thursday morning.

“Everyone should be like Olivia,” said Colville deputy mayor Maureen Fraser, who had been Mrs King’s friend since they both moved to town in the mid-1990s. “Kind, generous, considerate, unselfish.”

Ms. Fraser said Ms. King gave his family an envelope full of money over Christmas time because he knew Ms. Fraser is unemployed.

Ms. husband King died in 2005, said Ms. Fraser, and he lived with his three sons and one of his children before moving to Ohio recently.

“I can’t believe I’m writing this,” his son Wes King wrote on Facebook on Thursday, saying the assailant shot his mother in the chest.

Emergency services tried to use CPR on him to no avail, King wrote, and he died shortly after arriving at the hospital.

His son wrote, “I apologize for the descriptive description, but this type of crime needs to be eradicated and cleaned up.” “No one deserves it.”

Mrs King’s smile will never be forgotten, said Achilles Shermohammed, a neighbour.

“He always checks on me for no reason,” she said, “and it’s always nice when someone smiles like that during the day.”

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