Officers Who Pledge Loyalty to Oath Keepers Should Be Fired Mayor Says

Mayor Bill de Blasio swore allegiance to the Oath Keeper and other violent “right-wing extremist nationalist groups” on Friday. ..

“Of course, if the police confirm that they have pledged allegiance to the custodian of their oath and values, they deserve to be tried, but if they do, you shouldn’t be a member of the NYPD,” De Blasio said while speaking at the WNYC Brian Lerrer Show. ”

De Blasio said in a statement that WNYC and the Gothamists were linked to at least two active members of the New York Police Department Oet Keepers militia group who participated in the Jan. 6 riots at the US Capitol this week. It was issued later.

“The NYPD is making very aggressive efforts to seek threats because right-wing militias are the biggest threat right now,” the mayor said, referring to immigrants and other ethnic or racial backgrounds. We have identified groups that incite hatred against people.

Possible contacts between employees not listed in the report and Oet Keepers were revealed in a hacked database that listed the names, contact details and personal information of people in the group up to 2017.

The New York Times was unable to determine whether any of the people in the database were active police officers. It is also not possible to determine from a database scan whether anyone listed in the database is currently involved in Oath Keeper or involved in the January 6 attacks. ..

A police spokesman confirmed that the WNYC Gothamist report was the subject of an internal investigation, including whether military personnel had previously been convicted of being members of a militia group. I didn’t answer the question above.

Founded in 2009, Oath Keepers attracts members primarily from active and retired law enforcement and military personnel. More than 20 members of the group were indicted in connection with the Capitol riots.

De Blasio’s claims and allegations that oath guards or members of police stations working in such groups would be investigated and dismissed would be an already difficult matter for US police, who have difficulty identifying them. I added a phrase. And formally discipline members who believe they hold radical views.

There is no exact data on the number of police officers who have clear links to extremist groups. However, many experts have long warned that far-right ideology and internal extremism are entering the ranks of law enforcement and military authorities.

In New York, police patrol leaders have links to groups that encourage officials to “race, religion, gender, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation or hatred, bullying or prejudice based on disability”. Forbidden. Department regulations also prohibit employees from meeting dating groups or anyone who appears to be involved in criminal activity. According to the department’s disciplinary instructions, such behavior can lead to dismissal.

However, the department found it difficult to determine which actions violated patrol guidelines and what constituted constitutional speech. Several officers were disciplined or investigated for acts linked to extremist ideology. For others, non-conformers are in the dark zone.

Dennis Kenny, a professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, said that many police stations do not clearly define the types of organizations that police officers cannot join. It also doesn’t specify whether certain types of activity are acceptable, but other activities are punishable by law.

“If I get your newsletter, does that mean I’m a member or just curious?” He asked.

Uncertainty about the rules governing the participation of far-right police groups, particularly in New York, is often evident.

Police officers reportedly displayed militant symbols while patrolling the protests. Shortly before the January 6 riots, an officer is currently investigating the US Capitol for working with far-right leaders. Edward D. Malins, who heads up the city’s powerful sergeant alliance, once interviewed Fox News surrounded by the tools of QAnon, a coastal conspiracy theorist.

De Blasio exemplifies the difficulty of organizing such activities, the atmosphere of a “witch hunt” in city institutions.

“Some of us as Americans are really very careful about how we launch attacks and use government power to investigate,” De Blasio said Thursday. According to me. “I think the way to do this is to follow certain directions and follow them very aggressively. ”

He added, however, that members of the police station who have taken steps in their pledge of allegiance to the rebel group should be investigated and tested by the police station.

“In terms of the oath of allegiance, they are basically telling members to defy orders from a democratically elected private government,” he said. “A person who professes to be loyal to an oath trustee basically breaks his oath as a police officer and cannot become a police officer under that status. You can’t. “